Luna’s counterattack fails, but her Duel Monster spirits prevent her from being hurt, after she loses. With its power, Jack manages to destroy the three dragons, along with the impostor, who was actually a Ghost duel robot. However, he still can’t get a job. A spike from Greiger’s Duel Runner comes off and heads straight for Goodwin but he stops it with his left hand, revealing that he has a mechanical left arm. Machine Emperor Skiel Infinity” Transcription: In the English version, Yusei suffers from amnesia following his crash, and Leo duels him in order to restore it.

As the gang goes to help, they are stopped by a mysterious character, called Vizor, who says that Yusei is not ready to face the Ghost again. The Yliaster, who had been watching the duel, become curious about Vizor’s actions. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lynden successfully fixes the cuckoo clock and rekindles his relationship with Zora. November 27, Hulu only February 5, TV. Machine Emperor Grannel Infinity” Transcription:

He also tells Jack and Crow about Accel Synchro. Regain the Bonds with a Friend” Transcription: The Duel Profiler vs. Arijigoku no Wana ” Japanese: Jack returns to where he was held captive, only to find it gone. Warriors of the Crimson Dragon” Transcription: Later, Tank, Nervin, and Blitz are bullied by a group of thugs, led by a person named Lenny. Giant Bomber Air Raid” Transcription: The Yliaster, who had been watching the duel, become curious about Vizor’s actions.

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This page was last edited on 9 Februaryat Arijigoku no Wana ” Japanese: Yusei finds himself up against not only the fearsome Red Dragon Archfiend, but also his own Stardust Dragon which Jack placed in his deck.


Furthermore, Frank has a stirring speech that sends Luna into a trance-like state, disrupting her dueling capabilities and sending her mind to the realm of Duel Monster Spirits. Leo loses his duel, and Zigzix finds out that Luna was in the stands during the duel.

Retrieved August 1, Yusei wakes up to find himself being carried away inside a truck after being ambushed by someone named Ichiro wanting to recruit him for the Grand Prix. Heitmann manages to summon three Ancient Gear Golems on his first turn and deals a lot of damage. Primo activates a dueling Guard Robot filled with G battle data in order to stall Yusei whilst he installs the program into hundreds of Duel-Bots, collectively called the Diablo.

However, Ghost uses his Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity’s special ability to absorb Stardust Dragon, which causes Stardust Dragon’s attack points to be added to Wisel’s, boosting its attack points from 2, to 5, Right before they lost power Yusei activated Meteor Stream which deals points of damage to the opponent when a monster is resummoned to the field.

However, he still can’t get a job. Lawton gets a handicap to start with 10 cards, giving him easy access to Gatling Ogre’s ability. Jack draws a Tuner Monster that can summon Red Dragon Archfiend, but refuses animeo use it due to the earlier argument, and summons Exploder Dragon instead.

Instead, Crow insists that Trudge and the rest of Ph Security, being the cops, go chase after the Ghost themselves. The first round of the Fortune Cup is over, but Rex Goodwin is holding a consolation match, which opposes Professor Frank against the real Luna, much to Leo’s disappointment. Wanting to learn to duel without relying on Animeto monsters, Yusei asks Jack to duel him.


Jack and Carly investigate some Duel Runner thefts.

Luna engages in her duel with Professor Frank when she hears a mysterious voice saying: Rejoiced to see that Yusei is alright, Leo asks him for a friendly duel-Yusei’s Ggi deck against Leo’s Morphtronic deck. Now, Luna must take all her courage and skill at hand to defeat Frank’s trump card.

Lawton sets off some explosions to escape, but Kalin catches up to him to finish the duel. Due to damage to the Duel Lanes, the duel is called off, but they promise to duel again.

Lima – wwx – xiuang

The impostor then summons his own Red Dragon Archfiend but Jack manages to destroy it. This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat Entrusted with a Friend’s Dying Wish” Transcription: Attack from the Sky!!

However, it leaves him in a point where Sherry can win if 5s draws a Speed Spell, using Speed World 2’s effects.