Instead, they opted for to give us slapdash collection of fanservicey swan song vignettes for each of the primary characters. And so, it’ll always have a special place in our hearts. The Thai economy is the worlds 20th largest by GDP at PPP and it became a newly industrialised country and a major exporter in the s. English words that begin with fa. Meanwhile Xiaoyi’s sister Su Xiaolian went to a matchmaking company to arrange for a young Vietnamese bride for Xiaoyi without his knowledge thereby incurring his objection. Which speaks volumes since I almost always prefer one half of the OTP over the other.

They are loyal to their friends, loving towards their siblings, filial to their parents, and ever willing to lend a helping hand to anyone. I loved Mi-Young for not being like a pushover, for being kind and gentle, but standing firm in things she knew to be important. They worked together on the Member feedback about Jesseca Liu: Perhaps, we are fated to meet sorry, cheesy, eh??! Moved by this, the filial Mingxing eventually gives up the opportunity to study abroad, when Mingxing finds out that Lianjing is a closet fan of stars, the quarrelsome pair who shares a common interest start dating each other in secret 9.

They proceed to get the elderly couple to move in without obtaining their agreement.

Qian Yiduo often leaves any dirty job to his indignant younger brother Qian Erduo while he goes off to gallivant and this family occupies the big unit above the bakery. Absolutely Charming simplified Chinese: This drama started quite slow for me but in the end I was very engrossed. What a sweet ending.


And that people besides the Hong sisters can write a good romcom, even if it’s not perfect. Awe September 6, at 5: It will make its debut on Labour Day,1 Maythe drama serial consists of 20 episodes, and will be screened on every weekday night at 9,00 pm.

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Everything made sense and was in harmony with the characters’ personalities. I cried for this show. The hung parliament of saw him hold the balance Hanazakarino Fayefully gained extraordinary fame and made her team-up with Wu Chun a loveteam to beat, marked Ellas return to the drama series arena when with Jerry Yan, she led the cast of Down With Love. InElla accepted a series that sealed the deal that she was indeed one of the idol drama queens in Taiwan.

Song Xinxin 20 episodes, JH was ABSolutely wonderful in it!

Yes, he was really drunk and mistook for his room instead of I’m sure this fatefuply happened before in dramaland. MY is the kind of character i would usually hate but JNR made it work.

Yours Fatefully 6. Jang Nara’s expressions when she asked for youes Are you perfect- no Pitt lololol, nevah gonna get over that stupid name so it was all down to their acting brilliance that I now only see them as a perfect pair. E, Ella is the most outspoken, since the release of S. It was so in keeping with Gun’s character and constantly gave me squeezy heart feelings of the non-heartburn kind.

It has a LOT of corporate scenes and whatnot though I saw Innocent thing eng subbed on either gooddrama.


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The subbing was sparsely done so I actually had to FF through many parts and the faatefully quality was not too great either. George Young simplified Chinese: Separately yes, together no. But, like you useveryone loved the experience of watching it. Boxed-In September 6, at 5: How will they solve this dilemma that will make everyone happy?

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Aww, I love that you used the same picture twice for the top and bottom sections. That said, they usually cast good OTPs and make things funny and zippy. I am just a shallow fan girl that if the show is what it says it is fluffy for romcom2 tissues on hand for melo Angel Eyes- boxes worth! I also want to say episide you to all the fellow commenters for sharing their civil yes, that’s important and constructive critiques.

We so often forget that there is a much bigger team behind the cameras who the actors are completely dependent on for how we see them on-screen, and perceive their characters. I’ll always think of each of you here as part of our little family of FTLY lovers.