Kumud asks him not to play another prank on her. Saras comes in his room, and takes off his shirt to see is he got any wounds. He visualize their sweet moments. Last updated May 7, She says if anyone sees me, then it will be not good. In episode 74 of Saraswatichandra, aired on 5th June , Saraswatichandra fixes his wedding date Saraswatichandra blocks Kumud’s way, unaware that the astrologer is standing behind him. He says Kumud listen to me. Welcome, Login to your account.

Also, Visit – https: Saraswatichandra – 26th July – Ep Naveenchandra gives his written speech to Buddhidhan. Saras tells Kumud that he cannot stop himself nore now. However, Kumud conveys to him that she will not forgive him. Kumari hugs her boyfriend and he does shayeri and ask her how she is here. He says her to meet him daily, and he will also come.

Kumud thinks Saras likes her hair tied, so she will go tying her hair, She talks to his drawing and smiles. Saraswatichandra – 28th June – Ep 91 In episode 91 of Saraswatichandra, aired on 28th JuneSaraswatichandra breaks Kumud’s fast Kumud tells Kusum that she will break the fast when she is alone.

She walks out of the room. Saras and Kumud are unable to sleep, thinking.

Saraswatichandra – 8th May 2013 – Ep 54

Sign in Recover your password. Kumud sees him in anger. She says he saraswatichhandra the one who came in her dreams, for whom she was waiting. When it comes to skin nourishment and our want for glowing skin, there’s no cream, gel or exfoliator equivalent can do what a healthy diet does for your skin secret.


She says I wanted to know. Dugba and Guniyal talk about Kumari’s father. It works like a leave in cream conditioner, but with the properties of natural oil for your hair. Later, he calls her.

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The designer showcased a beautiful collection with intricate mirror work embroidery on the ramp making the audiences totally fall in love. Kumud goes and sees Saras beating up the guys, She comes in between the fight. You can not play video if your browser is not HTML5 browser. They stare at each other. He rescues Kumud when two goons push a pillar on her.

He has a burst of feelings in him which he cannot stop. He says he will wait for her.

Badimaa asks does your parents live with you in Dubai. Veera 7th May Written Episode Update. Will Kumud forgive Saraswatichandra?

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Garnish with a skewered maraschino cherry and orange slice Please follow me on Instagram: By Chennai Channel 12 views. By Anamika Sharma views. A flower pot falls and Ghuman hides.


Kaki ties the lace. She looks much happy. Kumud comes to her room and closes the door. Does he talk to Kumari without my knowledge. Kumud talks to the drawing aaraswatichandra her dream war not false.

Saras says it matters to me. Their hugs looks never ending. He says I know you will be happy when I find out about your father and I await that day too. Sunny says look you are smiling.

An old man is playing some sound ornament. Kumud goes to the terrace to break her fast, after everyone leaves. The judges share their views about each other. By Beauty with Sumu views. Saras asks Sunny what do you saraswstichandra on the first date. Saras keep his hand on Kumud eyes and takes her somewhere and when kumud opens her eyes.

He gifts Kumud with a saraswayichandra phone. Etheric Neem Powder Gms https: She thinks I will go and ask him.