Great cast especially the lead, Caroline Dhavernas! Movies of his Career. Through the course of the series, Jaye undergoes a subtle, yet discernible personality shift, as the good deeds she unwillingly performs begin to affect the way she perceives the world around her. Fresh, intelligent, insightful and hysterically funny, Wonderfalls is a show you’ll come back to time and again. Although they constantly bicker, it is clear that Aaron and Jaye are close Jaye even asks Sharon at one point if she is angry that Jaye and Aaron like each other better than they like her. Powers that be – Please bring this one back!!! OK what do the network execs ever think?

This isn’t helped by Jaye’s overprotective and suspicious family, her Lesbian sister, her also smart alek friend, and a new crush on a bartender that is in fact already married and moved from New Jersey to Niagra when he caught his wife with a bellhop. User Reviews An absolute must see 4 February by joescripts — See all my reviews. It still managed to scrounge up a few fans, though, who petitioned to get a DVD set, which collects all 13 episodes. Her best friend, Mahandra, provides for her a way to sort things out and the new bartender, Eric, despite his complicated situation, quickly catches her eye–even though she may not admit it even to herself. At first she believes that she became crazy ,but soon she realizes that the advices given by the things start to help her , and soon in that way she starts to help people , and starts to be closer with her family. I too have been educated, but I work at a dead end job with no real need to excel or stand out. Worse, if she attempts to ignore their commands, they badger and pester her until she relents. Without any prodding from the animals, Jaye befriends a shut-in from the trailer park after she inadvertently hurts his feelings.

While I like “Joan” quite a bit, “Wonderfalls” magnifies its tiny flaws while taking everything about it to the next level. Get Known if you don’t have an account. Jasef has been a TV and movie fan memberz his entire life. All 13 episodes of Wonderfalls were aired to completion for the first time on Canada’s VisionTV beginning in October The entire series benefits from a talented cast and crew.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Even gutsier, the tone and visual style fluctuates with each episode as the show plays with different genres.

To those who have not seen memebrs, even if you don’t watch TV, this little gem is something that you should not pass up. Use mdy dates from February TV. While only guest stars, I do want to talk about two other characters. You will not be disappointed. On Disc at Amazon.

If you are a producer for a non-Fox network, pick them up!

Cast of Wonderfalls: 10 Years Later | Sorta That Guy

Aaron is a PhD student of comparative religions, and the only one of the Tyler siblings still living at home. Her reactions to the inanimate objects’ demands are priceless, as is her portrayal of Jaye’s incredible boredom at her mind-numbing job. Caroline Dhavernas is just perfect for the part of the slacker reluctant protagonist. Ron, a cow creamer that had communicated with Jaye mysteriously seems to prove that they really have been talking to his sister.

I really can’t believe they took this one off the air! Alec 8 episodes, Heidi makes her first full appearance in the series in the episode “Safety Canary” when she arrives in Niagara in an attempt to win Eric back. Especially since I didn’t expect this to be a comedy. I sat down and watched the last 7 episodes, some of which had never aired which tied up some loose ends.

Jaye helps a young woman who is down on her luck until she begins assuming Jaye’s identity. Hopefully it’ll get another chance at life on FX to give them another hit along with “The Shield”.

I too am a twenty-something, who happens to be a proud card carrying member of Gen Why?

Enjoy a night wonderfallss with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Fuller went on to create Pushing Daisiesstarring Lee “Aaron Tyler” Pace alongside a female with a traditionally male name.

Although Eric seems to recognize Heidi’s manipulations, Jaye’s inability to confess how she feels for him eventually drives him back to his wife.

I would have watched these if I had known about them while they were still on the air. Terrific show, really grows on you The crossbow-wielding star tackles some what-ifs that would change everything we know about ” The Walking Dead.

Remembering Wonderfalls

The rest of the cast– well, we haven’t seen much of them but I’m wondfrfalls. Tim Minearone of Joss Whedon ‘s co-creators on Angelwrote and executively produced, ensuring snappy post-modern dialogue and convoluted plots. She also resents that he was promoted over her.


The show was canceled after 4 episodes with an aggravating preview for next week to be replaced immediately with repeats of a reality show that lasted for one season. She later makes an appearance on the TV series Hannibalin which Dhavernas co-stars as a different character. The show, is nothing short of comedic genius on a sarcastically bent level. Fox aired the first cwst episodes out of sequence, although the episodes were produced in a different dast than was intended for broadcast.

Darrin is a loving father to his children, meddling particularly in Jaye’s life, as he worries that she isn’t doing anything to reach her potential.

Wonderfalls opens in much the same way, with wonderfaols young, brooding, female slacker narrating the beginning of a supernatural experience.


After the departure of Rube Sofer, a new head reaper named Cameron Kane takes caat. And the show is a dramedy, which means that even though it is designed to make you laugh, and the situations are membdrs, it is supported with clever, uncliched writing, a talented cast, and characters you can really feel for.

Caroline Dhavernas is perfect for the starring role of Jaye Tyler, an underachiever whose expectation-free reputation belies her true intelligence. Writing is straight forward and well timed dialog. Jaye Tyler is a loner living in Niagara Falls who, after graduating college, has fallen into a care-free comfortable rut living in a trailer park and working as a retail clerk in the Falls souvenir shop of Wonderfalls – that is until the souvenirs, and anything in the world with an anthropomorphic face, starts talking to her, insisting she do things in cryptic single sentence messages or there will be dire consequences or at least lack of sleep.

She holds a degree from Brown University, but instead decided to work at a souvenir shop at picturesque Niagara Falls. Dan 17 December