Unlike the Womp Crit, the course is “semi-open”. Meet in the parking lot next to Cassidy Field https: It has its own separate Bike Reg registration link and prizes are awarded. The best part of this ride is that as long as bikes are able to be ridden, people will be out riding. Finley Peter Dunne There is an A and B group for this ride as well. The rise is just enough to cause a selection, and it can get tricky here because there can be large speed differentials between those riders who’ve timed the sprint well and are still accelerating and those ahead who went too early and are starting to fade.

This is a weekly 10 mile time trial. The race is well organized and always has a USAC official there keeping things moving along. Wednesdays – Registration from 5: Police monitor the entrance to the loop, however multiple businesses and Church’s are in operation during the race so caution must be taken as the roads could end up being shared by car and bicycle alike, even if the cars are supposed to be on high alert. We all know how that works Cost: Runs from mid April through the end of August What: What you need to know:

If you aren’t signed up for the season pass be sure to bring some cash with you.

Meet up at Belmont Star Market 5: Don’t Let It Manage You. Most riders are from the south shore and xeries to know each other pretty well which is probably why it is so low key. A 42 mile ride that is typically fast paced and treated like a race.


View my complete profile. Wompatuck Criterium Training Race. There is an A and B group for this ride as well.

Meet in the parking lot next to Cassidy Field https: In my last race the guy whose wheel I was on faded quite suddenly and I ended up needing to pass him very closely on his left to avoid hitting the brakes. Runs from mid April through the end of August What: With the closed course and all corners able to be peddled through it is an ideal for all riders whether you are new to racing and looking to develop or a seasoned veteran who is simply looking for a nice spot to put the pedal to the metal for 75 minutes.

Wednesdays – Registration from 5: Concord Center round about https: The ride has options to jump in at any point since it starts and ends every loop at the same place. The fade can ceiterium pretty dramatic when it happens right on the riser. Landry’s Bike Shop on Commonwealth Ave allows for riders to change their clothes and drop their bags before heading to Cleveland Circle for the ride to begin. After this short sharp rise the road cfiterium to tilt up, but much more gradually for the remainder of the sprint.

We all know how that works Cost: My website is www.

Thursdays from May 11th – August 31st – Racers must be at staging area no later than 6: Route typically goes into and around Arlington. The hills will surely work you over and have you feeling very accomplished, all before 7AM.


Wompatuck Criterium Wednesday Evening Training Series in July

My pet interests are bicycle seriew and protecting the rights of fellow cyclists. A very optimal place to get decked out in your aero gear and test out that TT bike that has been hanging in your garage the week before Killingtonā€¦or Nationalsā€¦or you know whenever.

The loop wompatyck very wide and there is pletny of room for a large group. Varies based on the Hill workout that is chosen. Organized by Pete Linnard this is a combination of all their daily routes links below all wrapped up into one epic morning. The finishing sprint is just after a sweeping left turn, just after which there is a short riser.

Plus, hit up Haute Coffee post ride for an amazing cup of coffee.

Boston Bike Law: MBRC Wompatuck Training Criterium

This coming Tuesday and Wednesday are the last two races. Archive December Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5: Wompy is great because the course is in the woods, inside a state park.

Matt Curbeau’s Gravel Odyssey 6. It is very much a DROP ride. The last few times I have raced there, wokpatuck was a lot of jockeying on the final two laps to get good positioning for the sprint.