He may still rise to the level at which he can ask God to reveal to him the mysteries of the universe. Similarly, Moses is described as an abode in which God resides Musa kana baytan min buyuti llahiyanzilu llahu biha Ibid. Taste of Ramadan 5 years ago. Thus the affirmation is a proof for the existence while the denial is the abstraction tanzih of the Creator from being circumscribed by form. Furthermore, the watt is known by the attribute of ability 92 Ibid. The author docs not say here that this image was also created by God.

The Prophet blessed them, saying: Background and Content of the Treatise The treatise is aptly described by the anonymous scholar who wrote the preface to the collective manuscript as constituting: If indeed something comes out of another, then it is its ism. For a short analysis of the cosmogony of Kilab al-hajt wa-l-aiilla, of paradise and of the origin of NujayrT souls in the world of light, see Freitag, Seelemvanderung in der islamischen Hare. Scholem, Kabbalah Jerusalem, , pp. Furthermore, the watt is known by the attribute of ability 92 Ibid. As I was entering an epistle was being read to the people present at 49a his session. God granted Adam the possibility to return to his original state in paradise.

A similar concept and terminology are firmly rooted in late medieval Jewish mysticism. Lyde, The Asian Mystery: For an English translation of these masses, sec Salisbury, pp. It further contains reservations toward those who misapprehended the mysteries of his being, ascribing to him a son, contacts with women, and other human traits, and who entertain the belief that Husayn was actually killed and buried. We will be helpers of God. His refutation revolves around the question of a, the deity is present and active at the moment of sexual intercourse and the formation of the fetus.

Moosa, Extremist Shiitesp. The last of the persons in whom Khassira manifests Himself is the Mahdl. Furthermore, the watt is known by the attribute of ability 92 Ibid. Within the framework of commenting on sural al-qadr Q. On the concept of fitra in Muslim thought, see D.


Dussaud, Histoire et religion des Nofairis, p. Among these doctrines is one adhering to a relatively moderate version, according to which the three persons of the trinity are Allah, Muhammad, and Salman ibid. However, it seems that he is opting for a type of docetic concept. The bab is identified in the latter work with the Universal Soul or the Holy Soul ibid. It is known to us so far only from this manuscript.

Nubata, in which ‘id al-adha is presented as the day of covenant between God and believers in the luminary divine realm. According to Shfl interpretation, the bees are the Imams.

In other words, we have here an example of the contrast between a radical rational conception of negative theology theologia negativa 98 and the mystical impulse of the gnostic. AI believe, excepted. We would also like to thank David Shulman and Guy Stroumsa, the editors of the series Jerusalem Studies in Religion and Culture, for accepting our book for publication in this series.

On the role of the twelve Imams in Nusayri doctrine, see above, chap. And when they [Salman and Muhammad] reached its interior and its names and attributes he [Salman] achieved the two degrees 26 in their fullness. Other, less frequent, tides referring to the Quran arc al-kitab! The disciples were astonished; they knew of only four holy days: For other lists of fawatih referring to the divinity, see Kiel, p.

N7 B37 It is the light, as God, may He be exalted, said: O my master, if we aim at the preexistent and everlasting one, at the former rather than the place, how should we address Him so that we attain our target and do not miss it, and so that we arrive at it rapidly and without delay?

The symbols represent the underworld, the real world, and the heavens with stylized moons, trees, and donkey-eared lions.


The first type are believers in the eternity of the world ahl al-dahrthe second are dualists ahl al-thanaimyyd. Theodicy, Divine Retribution and Transmigration.

However, certain names do not fit within any category. The author jumps from one subject to another without maintaining a thread of thought to connect the many ideas he discusses. The author notes that he won support for his views from a number of scholars, whose names unknown to us from other sources he cites specifically.


The fallen state of humanity, a product of the original sin, is responsible for all manifestations of evil and all catastrophes that beset man. The treatise in chapter 5 basically pursues the same theme but focuses on the relationship between the two supreme persons of the trinity, the ma’rui and the ism.

As to his statement that it is mandatory for the believing woman not to withhold herself from her brother in faitli and to offer herself to him whenever he so desires; and that esoteric intercourse is not complete without manifest intercourse. Holl Leipzig,chap. In two places the text employs the word makan in a similar sense to maqam. What is it O my master? All these components have been brought together in a syncretistic religious system that has assumed a heterodox ShfT garb.

On the concept of the divine names, see D. Another way the author illustrates the nature of the relationship between the deity and the creatures is by analogy with the relations that existed between Jesus and the Jews.

Ramadan – Al Wilada Min Al Khasira – Episode 9 – vidbyte

Wilwda especially the beginning of the passage p. Other names by which 1 See R. She is called Fatima daughter of Asad b. The anonymous scholar who penned a brief preface in French to the description of the treatises included in the collective manuscript also viewed these consecutive pages as one unit. Mu’adh, followed by Thabit b. Know that there is no truth episodd that, for the Jews Q.

Physical union symbolically represents the militant ideology regarding the external heretical world, which implicitly refers to the Muslim world as a whole.