Jarod Smith November 11, at 7: Elmo Zugwalt January 9, at 4: A documentary film presents real events while mockumentary presents fictional events. Im sure their just afraid. But for those who knew, the facts and events presented by the movie were all real. So, I haven’t seen this movie which as far as it being real I already knew was fake. Although, there was only one teen that got taken away by the giant trolls and was probably eaten by them.

Have i seen a troll? This movie nailed the best trolls and human film. Maya Borski May 30, at 9: However, it is “based on real or actual event”. Anonymous May 25, at How can you be sure if you do not know how one looks or if they are real? This is the reason why they are being kept secret by some top government agency.

All mythical creatures have and are still present. Do trolls really exist?

Just use your heart and then, stay away from sci-fi movies for a long time. Trolls are animals, and like animals have habitats they hroll comfortable in. They should make another movie about these creatures.

Troll watcn that eat humans are rare. If troll poo turns to rock when the sun comes up it would go unnoticed in Rocky areas.

They would have to eat downright huge amounts of food everyday. Negative things are what we avoid in thought life and planning of a future for all of us. Only selfless acts of kindness matter. The total IQ of all nunter you people combined can’t be out of the single-digit range. You can actually check their complete profile at IMDB. People want their opinions and perception of their world dominate reality of someone else world.


Perhaps a sequel because I am not satisfied with the ending. I can’t see why trolls can’t be real just like people say all the dinosaurs died what about crocodiles turtles and birds and we only just started to understand the life on earth there is so many things we don’t understand. Elmo Zugwalt February 25, at 8: Yes, 2 different things, but you can’t have it both ways in the same argument.

I live in a cabin near the forest and I watcu make this up. Steve November 19, at 1: When, that never mattered anyway. Wow, this is interesting.

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Farrow November 19, at 1: Unknown February 15, at 9: In Response to Micheal, The level of their pnline depends on their kind or species. Goats will eat tin cans, paper, anything they can get their mouth on. And as for living to years?? Calvin Vennis, That guy that you encountered at a train station was really strange and could possibly be a troll human-sized trolls.


Doesn’t it also stem from the imagination. Julie Snider February 3, at If they exist, they simple are so good to not be noticed and want it like that. But I hope it was just a wolf or whatever If you disagree then you try eating a large rock and let me know how it goes.


That’s what the top secret government or organization wanted us to believe. Hi I’ve seen this film some months ago and like most people, I went online to research about this. Can it be the reason why some people suddenly went missing by going into the forest? Thus, right after watching the movie until the end, I immediately went online and searched the web for an answer. For now all i and every other person can do is hope that they aren’t.

I really love this stuff. Enjoy visualize sharing a world with Trolls.

Boknuy November 19, at The rest of you are simply morons. Elmo Zugwalt March 17, at 6: Are they mean Dorin Finn? The government only comes out for serious situations. Well that is it for this me. That is food for thought. Maybe this is a person who works for the government to lie to citizens no offense. Dustin, the movie is fake but the giant trolls are “very real”. It is like “based on true-to-life” movies. A documentary film presents real events while mockumentary presents fictional events.

In other words it is reverse psychology at a more complicated and troubling level.