I don’t mean to pre-empt anyone else there is a lot of love for Lange coming up but price-wise the Saxonia Moon Phase was one of the great surprises of SIHH. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he said this in the same article: Both companies make a wide variety of watches and both are highly vertically integrated, if that is something that matters to you. The Watch Snob is in. On top of that you have all the real watch-nerd street cred you could want, with the movement coming from JLC. In a true world timer, the 24 hour ring rotates allowing you to read off the time in any one of usually 24 reference cities directly.

And it is not simply a good-looking watch to admire in pictures — it also wears really great on the wrist thanks to the short, curved lugs. It was announced as a unique piece, which would be a shame for this highly unconventional beauty. In my view, this rose-gold edition is the absolute dress watch, something I would dream to wear at any black tie event. Thanks to your enlightenment, I have come to the conclusion that Jaeger-LeCoultre is the best watchmaker in the world. It reminds me a lot of the Patek Philippe reference , which happens to be another dream watch of mine. While all the factors add up for what I am looking for, the usable mechanism and wearable size, it just leaves me wanting for something more interesting and engaging.

One hopes for the sake of horological diversity, that they will find a way to make a Master Control watch for instance as clearly and uniquely interesting as many of the Reversos are, but so far, they have not really managed to make the name of Masterr as attractive in the general, as the Reverso is in the specific.

January 24th, 8. Although the mix-and-match is not a novel idea people have been mixing and matching their straps for a while nowit is a creative way to entice new female buyers to personalize their watch. It is what it is It comes from venerable Japanese watchmaker Casio whose G-Shock I adoreand offers an incredible amount of functionality for not too much money.


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As you mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the mighty trinity of Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin have all relied on Jaeger-LeCoultre for movements at one point in history, and some still do. It has a tourbillon, which nobody needsa perpetual calendar, and a flyback chronograph with a platinum case.

Originally Posted by Domo. For me this watch is elegant, understated, and practical. The MUT Moon and Lecoultde Calendar are rather more classic than formal per se, and as such, there is little on that score to separate them, or to prevent you from wearing either without a suit.

Perhaps you already read this, but as this topic has calendr touched on by several forum members over the past couple of weeks, here goes: Now, I am about to set things right.

Watch Snob article on why JLC isn’t considered “holy quadrinity”

I really like both watches and I wish I could jweger them both, but this is not the case. Question from a Watch Knob Hey, I am interested in the Oceanus line as they look pretty cool, and seem like something that can take a beating. The first lesson my Greek Rhetoric tutor gave me was how to pose a sensible question. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he said this in the same article: If you are calsndar for a dual time zone watch, incidentally, and you find Jaeger-LeCoultre worthy of consideration as indeed one should the Reverso Duo is another unusual but excellent choice for a dual time zone watch.

First of all, there could hardly be a more atypical dive watch than the Calibre de Cartier diver ; and secondly, doing the watch in gold should just make matters worse. That said, I still think in this case, the Grand Seiko is to be preferred. For real though, I do dig lecoiltre watch.

In mastfr professional opinion, which is better? This Vacheron Overseas offers everything that you would like for your everyday watch: Yet, they introduced a great sector dial — showing how esthetically pleasing this great classic from the s can be.

In my view, this rose-gold edition is the absolute dress watch, something I would dream to wear at any black tie event. The new Saxonia Moon Phase is 40 mm in diameter, which is slightly bigger than I msater like, but I am willing to overlook that. Any watches posted may be seen as gifts,borrowed or found property and not as personal property of Little Big Feather.


Although I can afford much more, I am simply not willing to at this point in my life. In my professional opinion, there is no debate.

January 24th, 7. Benjamin Clymer — The A.

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To me, this was one of the most solid offerings of this SIHH, with the impeccable micro-rotor movement on the back side matching the successful dial side. The rubber strap catches the hairs on my wrist, and so, rubber straps are a jaeeger in my opinion.

Watch Snob Print Watch Snob. As far as AskMen’s promotion elsewhere of current Hamilton watches, that is none of my affair.

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I have never been much of a Reverso fan — until this year, which coincidentally happens to be the 85th anniversary of this most iconic of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s designs. However, as the Reverso line is a rather dressy watch, I fear that it may be too dressy for my jeans and button-down shirt.

While there were plenty of skeleton watches unveiled at SIHH, the Cartier Crash was the one that caught my eye the most. Introducing The Swatch Flymagic. Even though I knew that mastfr price premium I would pay was for Brad Pitt’s paycheck, I couldn’t help it. Let me, a true horological aficionado, enlighten your plebeian minds as to what makes a real watch, what you should wear when and what to do with those old watches of yours.

We saw a lot of watches last week — A LOT of watches.