One thing which quickly became evident was that colors are often poorly chosen and consequently drab. Gakuentoshi Varanoir Kingdom of Chaos the Universe , or if you wanna call it by it’s much shorter, less ridiculous name, School City Valanoir , or just Valanoir, is a two episode OVA from Idea Factory based on their PS2 game of the same name, much like their other work. Writing is abysmal, with no though put into it whatsoever, as well as annoying, one-dimensional character and awful humor. So be prepared for a very long and image heavy post, as we journey into the very, very confused world of School City Valanoir. He then run into the principal and vice principal talking about some secret shit, and asks what they’re talking about, which surprises them. But then he goes and says something unnecessary.

The episode is 26 minutes long. Myu runs into Faust. Zeccho Emotion BanG Dream! Alright, we’re at the halfway point. Theron Martin has the details. Forum – View topic. Login or Register forgot it? Which then cuts to what I guess is a flashback to his encounter with Myu, as he interpreted it.

Myu then decides to go to Varanoir for training to become a fighter.

School City Valanoir

A few funny scenes and an OK opening and closing theme weren’t enough to bail School City Valanoir out of the bin. That, along with the fact that the grandpa never makes her breakfast because he’s too busy peeping on waych, Myu starves for a while before learning about the food eating contest, which lets them eat all the food they want. It’s the worst anime I’ve ever seen and I’ll be hard pressed to find scool worse.

You could go through the approval process for submitted anime. Every anime based on their games is unholy abomination that range from hilariously inept to ungodly boring.

I’ve seen anime with little to no animation that gave me something qatch valuable than this. Which then cuts to what I guess is a flashback to his encounter with Myu, as he interpreted it. So Myu tells how she’s been doing in school lately, and then, literally out of nowhere, we jump to another battle, but this time it’s a food eating contest between Myu and Ryuuto.


Faust introduces Ryuuto to Myu, and goes on about how great she is. So now we go from terrible running animation to terrible walking animation: Login or Register forgot it?

This week brings us no big bombs It wasn’t made clear because all it cut to was this:. The main character, Mieu, originally appeared in Spectral Souls as did three other indicated characters Choco, Vanilla, and Yunellia. This is what happens when you take an ill-fitting to anime concept and improve nothing about it.

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It seems like a parody of magic academy shows, but while some bits make me laugh, others just leave me scratching my head or are not terribly funny things which I’ve seen before, and that doesn’t make for much of a parody. Yet, even so, I always make it my mission to seek out every one of their anime, whether it’s be out of pure curiosity, plain stupidity, or both.

The animation quality is so degradingly poor by comparison. While this could’ve been tolerable, being a comedy, I can’t tolerate it, sadly.

Theron Martin has the details. This salacious yuri melodrama is anything but Class S. We also get more valanoig imagery, this time between a young Ryuuto and her father.

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Faust comes back, telling Myu that Ryuuto is nervous. As it turns out this is just a model for an art class. I don’t really get it, though, as she has no reason to be, and it was her who challenged Myu in the first place. Display posts from previous: Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ She’s also well-mannered, even though she just started a fight with a new student and acts like a snobby bitch.

As the match valanir on, though, valanour girls show signs of stopping. It only gets worse from here. Satch swears to Myu that she’ll win next time, which I guess means the school hasn’t kicked her out for losing, despite the principal stating that losing isn’t allowed.


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Then we get this Nick Creamer has the details. The other half I guess is about the hero department and how everyone’s fighting to become the best.

Not only does balanoir seem to heavily hint at it at points, there’s even a small commercial at the end. I’m done talking about it, so I’ll end it by saying fuck you Idea Factory and fuck you Valanoir.

Cut back to Myu, who is feeling awkward since everyone in the class vlaanoir staring at her like they’re gonna sacrifice her to their god. Were those few laughs worth this odd feeling? School City Valanoir is a dead-zone of anime.

Were they trying to be self-depreciative? Sword Art Online novel 15 Feb 24, One day, while eating burgers, Mieu finds that the wrapper is advertising the Valanoir School and claims that the school is accepting transfers.

The grandpa comes to peep on her, because we didn’t get enough of him or his antics, and we get what is surprisingly the most confusing shot in the anime:. While searching for her classroom, Myu just cant help but be enchanted by the dark, empty halls of the school. What’s the rest of it? It was made on a budget? Our main character, a girl named Myu, who they decided schkol to show her face yet for a dramatic reveal Even though they totally reveal her face at one pointfinds that her burger is actually wrapped in an advertisement for Valanoir, because that’s where you put those.

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