Evidently he hasn’t thought through all the possibilities. What is it that you’re afraid of Dan? He tells her it can be like that again and starts kissing her once more. Libby agrees she should have been honest. Harold’s Ringo looks for assurance from Lucas that relationships get easier as you get older. Just so you know. We can fix it ourselves! I don’t hate you.

It was my child too, Lib. Right, so what are you going to do? Dan thinks they could have got through it a lot quicker if she’d been upfront with him in the beginning. Then why are we standing here yelling at each other?! The counsellor says it’s perfectly normal to avoid sensitive issues and Dan protests that he’s not avoiding, not scared, not holding back. Donna reminds him that he walked off on her.

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Right, so what are you going to do? Ringo decides to head home. If we have any hope we have to be heighbours with each other.

The counsellor says that it is important not to hold back. Before he leaves he turns and tells her:. After the break a shirtless Dan and a bedraggled Libby leave their bedroom and bump into Toadie who remarks that it sounds like counselling worked. Steph looks really loved up. I hated you every time you went back to her. He thinks they’re going to be ok. What is it that you’re afraid of Dan? Preview – Libby wonders how she’ll tell Ben.

She explains that when they got back from counselling it was different and he know that. It’s something she could give me and I couldn’t. Counselling The counsellor asks Libby she’s there and Libby replies that counselling is supposed to help and she needs help with her marriage.


Ringo tells her that it’s not all her fault, but Donna knows it is and that she deserved him walking off. Alright so I forced you to spend the night on the beach did I? You were the best. For a lot of people it’s the final step, but ok.

It’s exactly how I feel about Sam. After the break Donna has calmed down and Ringo tells her there is nothing she could do that would push him away. Harold’s Steph asks if Dan’s own take on counselling was a breakthrough or not. Move over Mills and Boon. Choked, Dan decides it’s time to leave. Every time I see you in the same room it kills me. Dan can’t see why. He explains that he was only angry because he was worried. Charlie’s Steph and Toadie wonder whether counselling will work for Libby and Dan.

There’s all sorts of weirdos out there The counsellor asks how she could begin resolving her anger. Grudgingly he goes with her. Counselling Libby explains that she needs time to forgive Dan, but he’s not giving her the time or space. Donna doesn’t look so sure though.

Neighbours 17th December 2018

We have to go back. You’ve been weird for years!! Dan realises that she invited him to dinner to end it. Number 30 Dan is fed up of other people having a say in their marriage, Susan, Karl, counsellors Dan walks out and Libby gives in to the tears she’s been fighting back. In fact, he’s not staying around for any more rubbish. I know I’ve been acting like a complete freak and I know I gave you a really hard time when we were away, and you deserve so much better.


He’s about to call the cops, but Donna comes in and stops him.

He asks her what she’s doing and she gives him the facing the past to face the future line again. Libby says it will help her, they’ve been running away from their problems since day one and she’s sick of it.

The counsellor says it’s perfectly normal to avoid sensitive issues and Dan protests that he’s not avoiding, not scared, not 58829 back. She wants to examine any problems from the past that they might still be hanging onto. You want the truth?

All you ever wanted was a family. Dan is rather frosty with the counsellor as she doles out the sort of advice he has done on a weekly basis. Libby doesn’t want to blame Dan but doesn’t know how to stop.