What happened, was she really get angry? Especially when she has no idea. He says “we started this business aiming for stands. Use the following code to embed this video. Handan alone in her house and Sami goes back to his raki. Thanks to guys here, they are really helping us. I thank him for his friendship. Cemre wakes up to tapping on her window.

She looks at the phone and its Kuzey C: Simay is shot and Kuzey brings her to their house to live with them again. May God bless you. What are you trying to say? Meanwhile, Kuzey does his own preparations for the Makara opening in Samsun. I also worry about you.

Kuzey withdraws himself more and more from everyone he loves. Yunus is worried about the girls G: So as long as you want to subbtitles something, nothing can make you fail. You really believe what you’ve just said? Ya, just a second. LOL Zeynoli has lost her mind!

Otherwise episodd very easy to be like you. To make it so I am the one who turned away from the agreement. This is the first time that we’re alone, without anyone. I can ruin whole world.


Kuzey G├╝ney Season 2 –

Use the following code to embed this video. Final set up for the engagement is in place. I cannot accept this offer. Besides, they’ve come close to final decision. The difficult one watxh my life.

I thought you were not screaming. If I walked away, she would call me a quitter. Let’s not talk about this any more.

Kuzi Guni – Episode 72 (Amharic dub by Kana TV)

Okay, then we will offer packages that suit the customers. Wait, let me think about it first.

I wouldn’t even go to the toilet with her. Why cut off your own nose to spite eubtitles Didn’t it cool you down a bit? Why are you bringing Kuzey into this? Zeynep tells Kuzey where Simay works. Sorry for disturbing you so late but To have something to hold onto in my life. Kuzey shares his knowledge with Cemre who starts searching in Baris’ laptop. This chapter has been closed.


While it’s flowing, a man thinks it’ll always keep his pocket full of money. He cuts the ribbon. Zeynep, it’s very hard to please people on stuff like this. What you said was right. I had something different in mind. This is not a decision to be made in anger. When it bad comes, it comes one after another. The girls are busy being hostesses. You say this now because you’re angry. A match made in hell.

That’s according to your plan. Two more minutes, abla. Not in the least. I can’t leave everything to chance. When the baby had grown enough that it was too late for an abortion. Where did you get that from? We moved together, we came all this way together. There’s something, like a curse.