The Captain’s Tale [13]. The Fifth Estate is an award-winning, English-language Canadian newsmagazine television program. From that day on, Bernardo berated her, writing her off as a whore and lashing out. Cath, so perhaps they gave up the ads when they moved? First and foremost, I found it difficult to take seriously someone who spoke with such moral conviction and then dumped a word like “apparently” into the mix. I find this case to be quite interesting and I am always looking for information to read about the infamous couple. His story is easy to figure out and leaves no holes.

I heard of some conspiracy theories but I’m not sure on who to believe. Kitty LeClaw August 19, at However, I still don’t think that Karla’s marginal interest in the occult suggests a “satanic” plot of any kind. Karla did not want out until Paul began threatening her life. After watching these videos I’m now blaming Homolka for the murders but she still remains a mystery with the way she carrys her self. Two doctors were interviewed for an episode about prescription drugs.

Karla was deranged, but whether her psychopathy laid dormant before her exposure to him will never be known. But the moment people learn that she’s now passing herself off as some Madonna with Child, the reactions tend to change Homolka was selfish, possessive and in desperate need of control.

She was complicit every step of the way and its a travesty of justice that she is not rotting away in solitary confinement for life just like Bernardo. More From Thought Catalog. She could have changed her name to anything, but she kept Teale for a reason. Fiftu don’t believe anything until I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I read many of the same books, and held many of the same interests, and yet I managed to make it through my 20’s without snuffing anyone.

Getting to know Karla Homolka – the fifth estate─影片 Dailymotion

Which makes Lori’s FB picture totally bizarre. Watvh it, he found six 8mm videotapes. At times I’m still at odds with myself on who is the real master homooka in this case. Kitty LeClaw November 26, at 2: This article needs additional citations for verification. And last year when reporters showed up at her front door wanting to know why she was back in Canada with her family, was she secretly smiling at the attention, or did she sincerely want to be left alone?


Why karla was granted such leniency boggles the mind. It shows in every photo.

My Sick Obsession: Serial Killer Karla Homolka And Female Deviance

I highly doubt they would want to draw attention to themselves in their new city, however. Return to Paradise [40] Pesticides used in a tropical resort hotel room may have killed guests. Retrieved from ” https: Thanks and see ya at WKH ;- – justagirl. Thank u for making this available for us to watch, I hope karla gets back from life the bad she did.

Anonymous November 26, at 8: She had a significant amount of time to prepare for them, given that she was hospitalized and heavily drugged, mostly at her request for a period prior to the interviews. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Secrets and Lies [2]. There she obtained a BA in psychology, taught krla fluent French, took a lesbian lover, and floated in and out of psychological evaluation.

It’s even hard for me to say what pisses me off more; Karal herself, or the system that patted her on the shoulder and reminded her that she was a delicate flower incapable of such atrocities. Suddenly, her voice flexes and she details the karrla she left Bernardo alone with one of their victims so she could walk their dog, Buddy.

The Super Scalpers [50]. He also cut off the head of karrla pet iguana, barbecued it in front of their friends, and devoured the whole thing like it was a hamburger.


I most definitely agree, Anon. That to me is proof positive that she didn’t care a whiff about the lives of these girls. Two doctors were interviewed for an episode about prescription drugs.

Mascara and Murder: The Fifth Estate: Karla Homolka

Catherines and Burlington when these young women were so viciously tortured and murdered. Speaking of that, i don’t know how much work you had with the Fifth Estate but maybe -just a suggestion- the Radio Canada interview?

She was not a dumb woman. However, I still don’t think that Karla’s marginal interest in the occult suggests a fjfth plot of any kind. Moment of Truth What happened to well-known Canadian whistleblowers?

Karla Homolka

Anonymous November 24, at I believe that the authorities were simply more stupid than she was smart. Anonymous November 23, at Karla is still such an enigma to me after reading almost every article about her to exist. Anonymous November 26, at After watching these videos I’m karka blaming Homolka for the murders but she still remains a mystery with the way she carrys her self.

Your Tips, Our Stories [42] Stories from viewer tips: It sitll boggles my mind why Canada was so secretive about the case. Drunken teenager chokes on her own vomit. Karla, of course, claimed the opposite and stuck with her battered-wife story. Hi Kitty, Thats very interesting! What happens when those children figure out that their mother, Leanne Teale, is really the most hated female killer honolka Canada?