Is the Epic Store Epically Wrong? The starting point for this mission is to the East of Pawnee. Keep going to the left of the complex to find a dirt bike. That doesn’t mean that we can’t still use the cameras! Hack into the router. After you leave the facility, reach the marker next to the parked bikes, to complete this mission. Introduction and map

Move up one point, unlock it, turn it three times before moving left one point and turn it twice, unlocking the final point on the far right giving access to the camera. Approach the router and hack into the shutters on the nearby windows, thanks to which you will be able to walk into the building easily. Head towards the marker your way should be clear and profile the box. The basics Objects and activities that help avoid detection. Hack into one of the cameras in the conference room. This should distract both of them, allowing Aiden to sneak up behind both of them and take them down.

CCC: Watch Dogs Guide/Walkthrough – The Future Is In Blume

In order to unlock the North-Eastern gate, you need to start hacking into the successive surveillance cameras in the facility. Don’t be too hasty to leave. Jump on the server room unsen camera and then into one of the cameras in the room through the door he travels through.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t still use the cameras! The first one is the abovementioned guard with camera on him.

Obtaining the means of transport Using the available means of transport How to escape the police? You’ll find an Audio Log down here, so hack that if you want. You need to return to the router that you have scanned with the Profiler, several minutes earlier. Carefully make your way back to the gate you came in by and head outside to the nearby marker to immediately begin the next mission. Take cover so nobody will see you, you should be pretty much straight back from the main gates, looking at the console.


In my case, the guards got busy checking out the central and the Western part of the facility, which allowed me to escape easily, along the Eastern part. After you regain control over Aiden, most probably the alarm will go off in the facility.

The starting point for this mission is to the East of Pawnee. Aiden will have to follow the data trails to two access panels. You should be safe inside this room for now, so peek out and find a camera to hack. Get to the camera above the office.

Wait until a guard shows up, then hack his camera. Te box is on the left. In spite of that, it is a good idea to open this gate, because you may find it useful, towards the end of the mission.

Switch to the camera overlooking the small room and look through the glazed roof. Now move watvh one point and turn it three more times to unlock the point at the very bottom. Access the camera to spot four guards in the immediate area. The second is to the north east in a small security room. You should only have to take down one guard if you take infiktrate direct path from the central structure.


May wagch, at Once the other guy comes to investigate deal with him. If you have not yet managed to get away from the router, hide behind, e. Move past the front gate, then cut into the middle. Quickly find the box in a corner and hack it.

Watch Dogs Walkthrough: The Future is in Blume – boxes, spyware, escape

Pan the camera and stop it in the position shown in screenshot 2, thanks to which you will be able to hack into the switch. Sneak your way out the way you came in. Apart from that, I used the North-Eastern gate, that I unlocked at the very beginning of the mission.

Wait at the top of the stairs using the cameras to turn the solar panel closest to you. Once back to you, you need to get out of the Blume compound.

Watch Dogs Walkthrough: The Future is in Blume – boxes, spyware, escape – VG

When the guard on patrol spots the body nearby he will investigate — take him down. Now sneak up on the guard close to the target and finish him off too.

The guy on the far nlume is easiest. The Future Is In Blume. Start by going to the left of the main entry gate.