Haven’t seen the last episode but I know it’ll be great. Azuki and Mashiro are now living in Azuki’s old house. I am so happy for them. This episode was excellent. Haha, I couldn’t wait for the subbed version, just went along with the raw one, even though I prefer reading things. Well, as expected, this anime was great till the end. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa.

Many great moments as well as a little drama. Regarding the finale, I thought it was good especially this: It made me cry, even though I didn’t understand anything raw lol. Hiramaru and Aoki got married and Azuki caught the bouquet! When will the subbed version come Just a FYI. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Jokes were mostly lame, I only lol-ed a few times at Yoshida, this ep was awfully cheesy and I don’t see what’s so appealing in that in general. I am very happy that it ended the way it did.

Amazing ending Sad because it’s over. I am so happy for them.

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Jokes anikeultima mostly wattch, I only lol-ed a few times at Yoshida, this ep was awfully cheesy and I don’t see what’s so appealing in that in general. When will the subbed version come Just a FYI. Im dying to watch it but I want to at least understand it: And yeah, I don’t know if it’s intentional that Reversi is almost the same as Death Note, but that was kind of disappointing for me, as if they couldn’t come up with ANY other plot so they had to reuse their own.


Nice that Nakai lost weight. It was a good anime none the less.

Can’t believe it’s finally over. Last episode starts at chapterpage Personally, I’m glad they did it this way. Finally I finished watching it I was hoping for better tho.

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Remember that mangaka of Bakuman was the one who made Death note. Hiramaru and Aoki’s wedding. I got back into anime around the time Bakuman first started airing and I’ve been in love with it since.

I am screaming in my chair!

I’ll miss that bastard! Niizuma is strong as always. It felt like there’d be another season sometime in the future.

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Wish they actually made the anime. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Moritaka and Akito from their beginning to now. That’s Ohba and Obata’s way to show their regret when they extend Death Note. Bakuman has finally come to a close and it ended perfectly. I would watch that anime tbh.


More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Ashirogi had guts to finish the manga early. This episode was excellent.

Bakuman. 3 Episode 25 Discussion

And thanks JC for this great adaption! I didn’t know that! Definitely going to miss this series. Reversi was just simply portraying Death Note in Bakuman. I would love to see Mashiro and Azuki’s wedding.

Anyone know when the sub for it is coming out? What they skipped or rushed were IMO the boring parts of the manga. I’d like to watch the series. I didn’t really liked first season too much Bakumxn for another great story, writers of Bakuman.