This movie has been premiered in Australian HD theatres in Movies But things are not what they seem. Please, contact us for any questions. Made-for-television movies are distributed in 4: His latest film Aagathan, starring Dileep and Charmi Kaur is just an average film. Ee Puzhayum Kadannu

Later the relatives of the victim come to hospital and takes money from Gautham as compensation. Drama Free Movies. Full Cast and Crew. Gautham and Shreya leave and have to wait till 10 PM to catch the next Bus to Bangalore, where Shreya has to pay all the expenses. Search for ” Aagathan ” on Amazon. Krishna priya Meera Jasmine get married to Harikumar Indrajith sukumaran and move to Culcutta with him. Dileep, Kalasala Babu, Kavya Madhavan. Later his sister is seen to be in the Hospital in critical stage and the Doctor asks him to pray for her.

Shreya introduces Gautham to her father, Ret. Due to all these, I would certify this film as just an average.

Deepthi’s Mother Dinesh Nair General Hareendranath Varma Charmy Kaur Asokan, Harisree Asokan, Idavela Babu. Dileep and Innocent has done well. Made-for-television movies aqgathan distributed in 4: Shreya as Charmy Lal From to it revolves around a news reporter,how he survived all these years.


Malayalam Revenge Movies Meanwhile, a journalist comes to visit Rtd. The General reluctantly accepts the offer. Varma invites Gautham to his farmhouse to meet him. Venki is an entrance coaching professor by day and robs ATM’s using fake debit cards by night.

Introduction and Plot Summary from Wikipedia – See more on en. A bar singer impacts the lives of three people, and through a series of mishaps, they all come together during a vacation in Malaysia. Hotstar Drama Free Movies. Joy Badlani, Bhavana, Jaffer Idukki. He appears to be an adorable and lovable person until a cat-and-mouse game begins between the general and Gautham, who hides a big secret.

Hareendranath Varma, and family. Full Cast and Crew. The full HD movies are not available for free streaming. Please, contact us for any questions. The driver takes the bus leaving behind Gautham and Shreya at the hospital.

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Krishna priya Meera Jasmine get married to Harikumar Indrajith sukumaran and move to Culcutta with him. Dileep, Lakshmi Krishnamurthy, Manju Warrier. General Hareendranath Varma Satyaraj to publish his biography.


Gautham says his company posted him to India and he can choose his posting between Chennai and Bangalore. Malayalam Free Movies.

I think Kamal has lost his touch these days. From there she understand that she was cheaten by his husband. Drama Free Movies.

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Unlike other Kamal films, you wouldn’t find wxtch comedy in this film. A honest man negleted by his family members who are high grade officials wins the election as an independent candidate against his father and becomes high grade minister,roses in the political field.

Knowing the intentions of Grandma, Shreya Charmy Kaur dodges the calls saying she can hardly hear her while travelling on the bus.