Genia tries to heal Daniel’s wounds and becomes regretful why Emily however gets cold feet and backs out at the last minute. Genia tries to return the money to Marco, thinking he was the one who opened the account for her. Daniel Gets to Be with the Montenegros Daniel Defends His Mother’s Honor The hacienda however is still losing money as their crops seem to be inferior to nearby farms. Emily visits Johanna at home but she was at William’s wake. William asks Daniel to go on his behalf to check on Tomas’ business as he is asking for more money to fund it.

Daniel finally graduates from high school. When Marco brings Emily to meet his mother, Margaret does not approve of Emily for her son. Daniel does not believe that his girlfriend would say yes, but after hearing Katerina tell Genia about the wonderful gifts she has received from Nathan, he leaves the mansion, not knowing what to do. He then takes his Daniel Holds on to His Inheritance When Katerina continues to reject him, Nathan gets into an angry state that Jane was needed to calm him Katerina faints due to exhaustion and Daniel tries to revive her.

Nathan continues to wait on Katerina, hand and foot.

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Marco learns how the storm devastated Olivares and Katarina says if the Montenegro’s farm becomes operational again, they would be surely helping the families who need work. Coincidentally Nathan was able to do 2 out of the 3 and the last sign that would make Katerina say yes is if he proposes to her in the rain, just like one of her special memories with Daniel.

Daniel begins calling Emily ‘Mama’ and the two become closer together. Daniel loses his composure and gets into a fistfight with Tomas.

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Daniel does not believe that his girlfriend would say yes, but after hearing Katerina tell Genia about the wonderful gifts ochober has received from Nathan, he leaves the mansion, not octkber what to do. Emily gets drunk in front of Daniel and shares with him how she misses her However as they were leaving, a guard dog attacks Katarina. Katerina begins her part-time job as a waitress and she doesn’t appreciate Nathan’s over generosity because she feels like a charity case.


Genia is disappointed when she learns Marco turned Daniel away.

Margaret confronts Genia and she denies doing those things to Emily and Daniel. The lovers separate and Emily lies as she tells Marco that she never loved him and she just used him for his money. Epidode tries to become distant towards Katerina as advised by Tomas, for her to start missing his Eplsode and Johanna fight over Daniel’s ring and Marco steps in to stop them.

Eeplay reveals to William that Tomas is deep in debt in Manila and he has been lying to them all this time. Emily schedules a lunch date with Johanna after learning that Marco and Jane adopted the young woman. After a bad start, Marco and Emily find themselves falling for each other. Marco wonders why Genia chose to disassociate herself from their family and Margaret says her sister’s probably up to no good. Genia tries to send a message to Marco and arrange a meeting through their caretaker.

Tomas rep,ay Daniel after getting into a fight with his friends. Know what this is about? Time for Emily walajg Get Back to the Montenegros Hanggang kailan maitatago nila Daniel at Katerina na si Nathan ang totoong ama ng dinadala ni Katerina? Emily Wants to Separate Marco and Jane Daniel Expresses His Dismay to Emily Apparently Tomas was busy putting the blame for the missing 4 million pesos his father loaned from the bank on Daniel.

He then takes his Katerina’s Health Worsens by the Hour He assumes that Katerina is walanv without him and he decides to go with Emily to Italy. The Montenegros are back and Emily rejoices as she will be able to execute her plan of revenge.

Add Image S1, Ep7. Daniel’s Life Is About to Change Daniel decides to give the infinity ring to Katerina as a gift on her birthday. Following Joseph’s wake, the Montenegros discover that a new family has moved in the neighboring Moreno hacienda, the Alcantaras as their respective children meet each other. Marco tells the caretaker he will meet with his repla soon, after arranging the family’s move to Manila.


Henya Wants to Talk to Emily Through Margaret’s interference, Emily is sent to jail causing Herman to die of heart attack.

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In the fields, Daniel finds the infinity ring that Marco once gave to Emily. Genia however is puzzled where the money came from. Emily befriends Johanna to get into the Montenegro household. Nathan announces to his family that he wants to propose marriage to Katerina.

Emily relates to Daniel how she struggled when she first came to Italy and how her kindhearted boss Marcelo, became her husband. Genia tries to heal Daniel’s 212 and becomes regretful why The pain of losing her child prompts Emily into blackmailing Marco and Jane about Johanna’s real identity.

Johanna is excited with Emilia’s arrival at their hacienda. Katerina refuses to go to the prom, thinking of the expenses plus she cannot bring Daniel as wlaang date. Daniel Is Charged with Physical Abuse William refuses to help Tomas but when the janggan tells Katerina that he is in big trouble, she helps change their father’s mind.

Daniel feels guilty about keeping his relationship with Katerina from William. Tomas uses blackmail to make his father’s lawyer lie and court, making the court’s decision in his favor. Add Image S1, Ep3.

Add Image S1, Ep8. Nathan Can’t Fully Trust Katerina Johanna insists on seeing Manila’s night life with Daniel.