But alas, Annalakshmi opens the eyes of Virumandi to the duplicity of Kothala Thevar. It falls short of a great movie on account of a poor climax and excessive violence. The film won critical acclaim and was a commercial success at the box office. A melee ensues in which Naicker is killed. Its so far ahead of its time. Kamal the man who dedicated his whole life for film industry and acting like maniac. Look at Virumandi – the way in which story being told with flawless screen play, powerful dialogues and aesthetic direction and utilising the technology to a fullest extent. Angela meets Kothala Thevar Pasupathy , who is serving a life sentence for assisting in the murder of 24 people in District of Theni.

His prime ally in this is Keshav Prakash whose photography is so realistic and natural that it comes as a fresh breeze amidst films of sytlized eye-sores. Awesome direction and fine performances from Kamal, Pasupathy, Nasser, Abirami, Napoleon, great Music, this film captures the essence of South Tamil Nadu’s “jallikattu” culture. As part of the penance, he wills all his land for the villagers. Battle Angel Podhu Nalan Karudhi. The story adapts the screenplay from Akira Kurasowa’s Rashomon in an entirely different style. Never once do you feel that the whole village is an artificially created one. However, Kamal’s push to lift the Indian movie making style by borrowing from World Cinema is well taken and he has been trying hard since Nayakan Godfather. Gunaa Subha Sankalpam Kaathala Kaathala

I have watched all great Hollywood films, n this film is as good asif notmakiny of times better than a lot of em. The film revolves around the controversy of the death penalty.

Angela meets Kothala Thevar Pasupathywho is serving a life sentence for assisting in the murder of 24 viurmandi in District of Theni.

Its so far ahead of its time. No where is the violence been glorified or pushed mkaing cheaply. A movie of this calibre in Tamil cinema, is rare and kudos to Kamal. You can watch this movie as many time you like, fully packed with action, culture, family, love, hate and everything in it. The film received positive reviews from critics who praised the screenplay and performances of the cast however criticized the film for its excessive violence. Annalakshmi finds him and admits him in the hospital to save his life.

Especially the style of the movie was great-Depicted with two narrations this movie will just sweep you off your feet! The Climax riots scenes were slightly adapted from Stanley Kubrick’s Spartacus. He comes back to live with his paternal grandmother S. To make it straight, this one of the honest films made ever in Indian Cinema. His support to his uncle Kothala in his clash against Nallama Naicker Napoleon brings about a bonding between the two, as Naicker killed Kothala’s father in a melee caused during a peace meeting between Thavasi and Kothala’s father.


Ilayaraja’s songs are soothing but the re-recording his strength seems a bit loud.

Had given a good producer, Kamal would’ve taken Tamil filmdom to Hollywood! If you understand the language of the original “tamil dialogue” you never say it.

Virumaandi – Wikipedia

This simple and straight story is told through a brilliant narrative that deftly fuses the different perspectives of Virumandi and Kothala Thevar as both of them are sought out in the jail by a film-maker-researcher, Anjela Kathamuthu Rohinifor her project on capital punishment.

Finally, an epilogue denotes a note that the death sentence should be abolished. Also, Kamal shouldn’t have acted in this film – he should have just directed it – someone like Mohanlal would have lived in this movie, with much less just adequate action in some scenes.

That apart, Virumaandi is one of the finest movies to have made it to Indian screens. This movie is the best one in Tamil. Kamal, the actor is not at his best, but makes up enough with his direction.

When she enters the prison for the second day, there is a sit-in protest, demanding the reason for the sudden death of Death penalty convict Narayanan, who secretly told Angela, the previous day, about immoral practices of Deputy-Jailer Peykkaman Shanmugarajan. The capital punishment angle seems a tad bit forced into the movie as the movie doesn’t really have anything to do with capital punishment apart from the cameo by a former Indian Judge. After much resentment and objection, Virumaandi agrees to turn to tell his version to Angela.

He marries her at the village temple, goes away at night with her, and stays with his aunt, whose son he helped.

But he is also unwittingly sucked into a vortex of violence that leads him all the way to the gallows. But Virumandi, it seems, would not have happened but for art director Prabhakar. Probably in years going forward we can witness a range of International awards being confered on this great artist. Right from the casting to the directing ,everything was mindblowing.


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Virumandi review. Virumandi Tamil movie review, story, rating –

KrishnasamyThe leader of Pudhiya Tamizhagam, a caste-based political organisation in Tamil Nadu protested against the film’s earlier title Sandiyar citing that the title might create problems. The underlying tension throughout this morbid tale is effective. He treats Virumaandi as his nephew. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

May be even Vikraman would have done a great job. It was dubbed into Telugu as Pothuraju. Thevar and his men corner Naicker to hand over Virumaandi.

I was watching this movie in Bombay on cable nearly 6 yrs after its release. I was very much depressed when films like Anbe Sivam and Hey Ram failed with people but virimandi off to kamal for his perseverance and hardwork and never giving up attitude to stage a great comeback in Virumandi and scripted a message in Film Industry that realistic and Quality films can also do well in box office.

His understanding of a complex character and the portrayal of the same in simple understandable shades is simply superb. Virumandi shows how much effort had Kamal Haasan put in. I bow to u Kamal sir, if u r reading this.

Virumandi Review

A typical combination of great story telling, a worthy message, remarkable acting, music, cast. Instead if observed in a right sense and taste all the gore is justified and raw truths. Though his acting is not his magnum opus, his direction and screen play skills shines through out the movie.

And Virumandi is sentenced to death for being responsible for the murder of 24 people while Kothala Thevar is sentenced for life. But Kamal Haasan, in charge of the script, makes it work.

In fact very difficult to make out who is good and evil, till the very end. Rohini as Anjela, Napoleon as Nallama Naicker and Nasser as the soft-hearted jailer are more than adequate. I think his mentor Balachander should be proud of his student. It is not important though made deliberately ivrumandi, that the villain got only life sentence whereas Kamal got death sentence.