Andre Harris Matt Bennett The score was tied. Hey, does my pie smell funny? What’s going on here? She had to get it right. Tori Vega was upset, no furious. Everyone on set please.

Dave stared at her. I don’t mind waiting, I swear, I love every song they’re playing. Did you know America has fifty states? What do you mean no! Andre stays with Tori to work on a song for class. When Cat realizes he thinks her costume is real, she worries he won’t like the real her. You’re lost in the moment. Then why don’t you hang up?

Tori said she needs to do some thinking. Did you know America has fifty states? Just In All Stories: Team option A You, me, Andre, Robbie. Dave stared at her. And pretend this never happened. But it was too late. Why are you cleaning my locker? It’s the northern speckled Ah! It’ll stop eating his flesh in the next 3 seconds. After posting a hamboning rhythmic thigh and knee slapping video online, Robbie is challenged for the title of Hambone King. I spit on those.


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What kind of game show is this?! Oh hey you guys. Use the HTML below. Everyone flinched as Cat screamed. Andre was the first to recover from shock and start screaming for someone to help her. Commercial break was bliss.

Jade West Ariana Grande Order me more viftorious. She knew everything about it.

I mean it, I want my slice. I’m gonna need a minute.

Victorious – S 4 E 10 – Brain Squeezers

Something Tori felt very sorry for. Uh, tell ya what, let’s give each team a hundred points! I didn’t even answer the question.

The answer who cares? Never heard that from a girl before. Tori and her friends get onto the new and popular game show Brain Squeezers! And because we’re super friends.

Victorious 4×10 Brain Squeezers

It look as though they had broken his ribs. Wow, I guess people are pretty desperate to be on a game show. Until a trapdoor above her opened and a large amount of rusty, metal nuts and bolts fell onto her head.

But you just gave away my teammates! Now what’s the deal here? Feeling lost but now and then. You’re gonna be Captain of the blue team. It’s called Test E-Z. The timer on her began.


Aren’t you like sixteen? She hesitated, trying to find a way to go through. Cat had stopped fighting the fire and lay still. Answer correctly, your team gets a hundred bictorious.

Dave turned to her. Well, not too hard for Tori.

Victorious s04e10 Episode Script | SS

You’ll be the main attraction. Let’s meet our yellow Team Captain. Dave Solofa Fatu Jr. Ooh, I love this song, too! Tori realized that if she got the question, she would leave with the money, epsode her getting the question would mean her friends wouldn’t get Doinked.