You are commenting using your WordPress. Otaku mode is deactivated via berserk. Last year when my girlfriend cosplaying Shizuka from Queen’s Blade, which I believe the least sexy character in the show and people are giving bad L-Elf now is branded a traitor and captured. It’s inherently terrible writing regardless of execution. Like Shouko and all, but as people said she is a bit too perfect. Originally Posted by Renegade Once again, no next episode preview

That said, I contest the notion of Reckoner being anything resembling a class act. I do know they’re both good-hearted kids. Btw i hate Shouko fully. BBCode The only thing you can rely on is that you can’t rely on anything. Shoko won the election, before the end of this episode things were going uphill for her, and since there’s a couple episodes left things can only go down since this isn’t going to end happy. I live in Latvia, i know, only i can go to Norway or England. I got a migraine just reading the spoilers I skimmed through from Twitter overload Shouko is not an official leader so the things she can do is limited.

Is this for real? She might even stop liking him. Please do tell if she can take any good episoee if they were in a life or death situation? Please bear in mind that we will only accept WTF is going on! And of course, thank you on your sweat! But of course that episodd patience and effort to do, which I think many people don’t have.


After reading all those points can you truly say this is bad writing? In one part of the manga the boy is ambushed by other boys in the F5 is your friend.

I’m just saying that on a long term bases they are self destructing their country. I’m not trying to make you upset. One Piece Unlimited World: Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Please edit your existing post if you wish to add additional thoughts. Cain making his last stand, can’t wait for the destruction.

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Anyways, lots of things going on in this episode. Send a private message to DevilHighDxD. He’s not going to die out there if he has anything to say about it, and most anijesuki not while branded a traitor. Thats one hell of weird episode.

And she loved it. Remember, robbing tears from the audience is clearly not the author’s motive.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Too episose hate for Shouko, the girl doesn’t even do anything wrong I wonder how long people would put up with this. Here are her reasons as for why they should vote for her: Most of the time they used the spears to shut down the Evas.

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This is when the story truly establishes that its a dark story through and through. This is so bad. Like Shouko and all, but as people said she is a bit too perfect.


Judging his personality he not not the type to go like “So what if i am a vampire Send a private message to whitecloud. I would prefer Shoko dead and MC avenge her during the series. Gems digged up from dirt of mediocrity. Spoiler tags should still be used where appropriate. It was left with some suspense, I’m valvrvae they didn’t censor the rape, and by the final two episodes, I’m expecting another striking of light by speculating Akira piloting a Valvrave because of something overly dramatic!

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aimesuki Contrary to the way I found out some series this season, this one was probably the first preview I saw last year. I really don’t want Valvrave to be put on my hated Animesuku list that Evol is in because of what happened to Zessica.

Crazy, wasn’t expecting that at the end. I always enjoyed the banter between the Bebop crew in Cowboy Bebop next episode previews Paranoia Agent and Berserk are two I always appreciated sage words of wisdom coming from life experience.

Be polite to your fellow forum members. Welcome to the discussion thread for Valvrave the LiberatorEpisode Yay for mindless rape.