I really disliked the blame game Rafia pulls on Kashaf for not getting married and for that reason uski maa ki izzat ruswa ho rahi hai… What kinda bloody message are they tryna get across?? Most of the dialogues in this serial are said with the same smile. Usama is a retard or a just badly written character. Sidra is indeed a very caring character.. I just wished they played the magni part and not just showed it as pictures at the end. AAAA the review is here!! Team Zaroon all the way!!

I miss the humsafar thread! Rafia was a bit of a pain this ep, apart from the jhar she gives Kashf, she was eyeing Zaroon weirdly when he visited. Thanks for the review SZ! She makes Sidra look so real! I think chai gets more credit then she does! Ghazala to khair jo hai so hai but What i am still wondering is how the woman finally agreed to the rishta!

Mujhe toh lagta hai, Sidra invited more for herself then for Kashaf, BC hnsuni was dying to meet Zaroon. Haha funny you should mention that because I really for a tiny moment thought she would bandage his hand…But then K is not at all touchy feely, not even with her sisters…So as far as Z goes epiaode near impossible before Shaadi!

I wish we get to see him tease her pyaar se coz she always sticks her nose in the air…I have waited so long to see her smile!! It was beautifuly writtenbut yeah for tv viewers this lighter side is Okay….!! Not for a moment did I feel bored of this episode. Osama remains the weakest link. Tab main bardaasht kargayaa unsnui lekin ab nahin karsaktaa….

K2 ko bhi mana liya: I loved his dialogues. The editing was great.

FK was excellent as usual. You could tell she was split between leaping to help Zaroon and a surge of feelings for him in her heart. We love FK; he Z and Kashaf are looking good epispde, but what is the real point of this drama??


Unsuni Episode 17 on Ptv Home in High Quality 1st February 2016

Would have loved to see some courtship and budding chemistry between the two before marriage. Z tells her that he may have been a flirt but at no stage did he cross the limit. Hey, would you mind sharing the proposal scene from the novel, as it epsode different in the drama?? Thanks soooo much for this! Aah I hate you phone! Everything was perfectly done by FK.

I just wished they played the magni part and not just showed it as pictures at the end. SZ, loved the collage of pictures you have!!

This scenario would have worked out so much better. Sidra, ji woh to bohot hi gulzar hai … kam az kam uski zindagi ka maqsad to poora ho gaya.

Thanks again for sharing!! Mansha is doing a great Job! First off detailed comments are never bakwas, always appreciated! Learn how your comment data is processed. So gives us 6 -7 episodes of happy Zaroon and Kashaf… We love FK; he Z and Kashaf are looking good together, but what is the real point of this drama??

Her emotionless demanour is mind-boggling. I wonder if the chaai cup part is present in the actual novel.

Unsuni Episode 17 on Ptv Home – video dailymotion

NZ was verbally and mentally abusive to Kashaf on several occasions after they were married. So much so, that I actually found the novel online and read that most of it — I did skip some in the beginning. I agree, that cup scene, even though it will now be made fun of endlessly, was one of the finer and more delicate moments of the show and Sanam nailed it.


Oh well i am just happy they are moving the story along. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Unsuni Episode 17 on Ptv Home

Yes, I think we all felt cheated by the rush. The engagement ceremony captured in pictures was very nicely done. He is the epitome of an amazing actor.

I think as far as Sidra was concerned, she was scared they will lose one more opportunity because of her sisters iron will. Just unsuuni of curiosity, why did the precap confuse you? I just simply love the play. Well played Sanam Saeed, you are an actress par excellence. Osama ka kissa finally khatam hua…thank heavens…!! But we cannot give Sidra all the credit now. Looking fwd to seeing you around, wedding next week! Her eyes dama how overwhelmed she felt at that point.

Or is this the mentality of lower middle class people ke no matter whatdaughter must get married off, whether she wants to or not bc uski waja se izzat kharab ho rahi hai. Agree with you, Sanam was fab!! Seriously Chai ka cup dekh dekh kar, chai se nafrat hone lagi hai, although i love chai but uff hud ho gai! Loved the Chai scene. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: