Speed to seize the moment. April 21st, Transparent Keep Case overlapping disc holders Chapters: Junto a “La vida de O-Haru, mujer galante”, la obra maestra del Mizoguchi. But it takes many years’ experience to handle the clay and apply the glaze. Masters of Cinema – Region ‘B’ – Blu-ray vs. The improved resolution is a significant improvement in-motion – the image is brighter, more detailed via the layered contrast – it shows a shade more information in the frame.

These issues have no English subtitles but do contain French ones. Meanwhile his neighbor, dreaming of military glory, achieves a general’s rank for his fraudulent exploits. We rate this ‘ Essential ‘. It has photos and color posters as the cover. I hurried back just to show you. June 6th, Transparent Blu-ray Case Chapters:

At the core is Mizoguchi-regular Tanaka Kinuyo who also stars in Ugetsu Monogatari as the eponymous Oyu, the older sister who allows marital customs to dictate the lives of those caught up in this complex love triangle.

It will, most likely, be eclipsed one day by a Criterion release.

Criterion – images from the 2nd disc Kenji Mizoguchi: Don’t say another word, my dear. A fabulous and classy package from the great Criterion – an easy must-own purchase for any true cinema fan.

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Japanese Dolby Digital mono. If I had armour, I could be a samurai.

For years I’ve wanted to buy you a kimono but I could never afford it. You’re fortunate, my little ones, to catch this noble lady’s eye. Special thanks to Masahiro Miyajima and Martin Scorsese for their consultation ” and this Blu-ray is advertised as a ” New 4K digital restoration “. Blending a tale of karmic law, a ghost story, and a love story, Mizoguchi also refers to other Japanese art forms such as narrative sugtitles scrolls in his use of perspective and his signature long takes that move us seamlessly from one scene to the next.

These issues have no English subtitles but do contain French ones. I wanted her ladyship to enjoy fully the pleasures of a woman’s life. Criterion – Region 1 – Oct 05′: We rate this subtitlrs Essential ‘. Got a YouTube account? My only complaint would be that the font is somewhat small and my eyes are not what they used to be. One of the many big differences between these two presentations are the vast improvement of the Criterion subtitle translations. See our usage guide for more details on embedding.


Ugetsu (1953) pt. 1

The DVD appears to be of a decent source and I am not displeased. There are optional English subtitles on Criterion’s Region ‘A’-locked disc. I wanted to bring you back fine presents, but this is all I have. Bottom line is the Criterion appears slightly cleaner and gives the appearance of being minutely sharper. Optional subtitles are at MoC’s usual high standard. I hear business is booming there since Lord Hashiba’s forces arrived.

Despite the cropping – it is the winner in terms of video image looking brilliant in-motion as well as superior in the, expanded, static captures below. But for the women of the tale the lesson has been even more bitter: There is a separate minute piece with cinematographer Kazuo Miyagawa.

Ugetsu monogatari Blu-ray Kenji Mizoguchi

But it takes many years’ experience to handle the clay and apply the glaze. He touches on the film and a ygetsu about Mizoguchi – sometimes very intellectual and formal but a wealth of key information.

It has photos and color posters as the cover. Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter. Not unlike the respective Sansho the Bailiff releases, MoC have gone a different, but very appreciated, route.

Focusing on an ambitious potter haunted by a beautiful ghost and a farmer who dreams of becoming a samurai, Ugetsu offers a commentary on the delusions of lust and power and the folly of war. During the civil wars of the 16th century, a potter desperately trying to continue his craft in a war-torn village meets a phantom princess and is lured away to a land of sensual delights.


My fate meant nothing, as long as you became a samurai.

The Life of a Film Director from Criterion – Region ‘A’ – Blu-ray. Thinking of buying from YesAsia? Subtitles Monogaari 0 Revisions 1 Edit Subtitles. Junto a “La vida de O-Haru, mujer galante”, la obra maestra del Mizoguchi. I encourage fans, who can, to do so as well. The Vertical axis represents the ugetsh transferred per second. He’s delusional, he thinks a big future awaits him in Nagahama.

Audio gets the HD-bump and ratchets up a notch closer to purity. We’re taking men for forced labour! Criterion also win in the audio with a linear PCM mono track in the original Japanese – but at bit, as opposed to MoC’s bit.

Phantoms and ghosts are evoked in imagic scenes, and fantasy and reality are inseparable, making Mizoguchi’s stylistically superb film a powerful study in psychology and an intense tragedy.

Criterion without any extras also available in The Essential Art House – 50 Years of Janus Films – a disc celebration of international films collected under the auspices of the groundbreaking theatrical distributor.

I have enjoyed what I have read so far. Mizoguchi continues to be the least represented master film director in this digital medium. Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: Along with both films MoC have included video discussions from the reliable expert Tony Rayns about 9 minutes and 13 minutes respectively. I hurried back just to show you. Speed to seize the moment. Masters of Cinema – Region ‘B’ – Blu-ray vs.

Criterion have it in P with lossy Dolby audio.