It’s the best one I’ve encountered so far. Have a great Sunday Smilers! Otherwise use tvants, but tvants doesn’t work that well; at least for me. Also same web to read about it. Posted August 20, For those who know how to read Korean, the link is www. Posted October 6,

If you don’t want to watch it live, you can always download it off of aja-aja. Posted July 31, I think JK did say she likes HS! Watch with eng subs here: I want more of SJ and JS’s sweet moments. It’s the best one I’ve encountered so far. Turismo Asia Pacific Corea. I’m getting mad at HS

JI confronts HS and ask’s him if there is something going on between him and her sister.

Preguntas relacionadas I just finished watching Shining Inheritance, what Korean drama should I watch next? Posted September 23, By Jillia Started August 9, I like it to have funny parts, cute and romantic parts and fun or joyful parts.

I know that it’s not on Youtube sometimes, but there’s this Korean website that I watch it from when I don’t watch it live [hence it’s 3: Sign In Sign Up.

Posted October 29, He look like he is distancing himself from both girls, trying to figure it out first hun? You didn’t like ANY of those dramas?! Hi you can find www. Quality is average for most vids. Posted May 31, Tvvoza dramas apart from BBF and Shining inheritance?


This content has been removed by a moderator. I’m totally in love with this drama! Vrama September 29, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese. Cant really find a site where you can really enjoy free series without any problems. As he did that, he took a picture of a sleeping Jung In on his handphone Turismo Asia Pacific Corea.

Korean dramas apart from BBF and Shining inheritance? | Yahoo Respuestas

JK asked HS if she was too late. Most of the link is removed or deleted. I’m getting mad at HS The 2nd lead couple, lol I only know Chun hee’s name. Posted January 30, Right now i am watching secret garden it is quite good The site I’ve found very nice to watch Drama’s is: Hi all, i’m new here: I was hoping someone can assist me.

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If you drqma read Korean, then you can watch it if you have an account. I don’t know what else is out there. That’s usually a problem. Am I too late?


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But I understand where you’re coming from when you say that you’re fussy. Han Sae [the little rat! My girlfriend is koream gumiho, I am Legend, How to meet a perfect neighbor, and they’re finishing up Sungkyunkwan Scandal too!

For those who know how to read Korean, the link is www. Go To Topic Listing k-entertainment general discussion.

Posted October 6, The relationship between Sung Joon and the other girl, I can’t seem to remember her name, develops. Posted August 20, HS’s grandfather’s friend tells the grandfather that his girlfriend will find him a girlfriend also.

Korean dramas apart from BBF and Shining inheritance?

They’re coming out with a bunch of new dramas for november too! I think JK did say she likes HS! Posted July 10, Add and Subtract Game. Srama can watch it here: By 0ly40 Started September 7, Back to studying for finals.