No part of this article may be copied, reproduced, rearranged, redistributed, modified by any means or in any form whatsoever without prior written permission. When he assigns Kwai Yi Hei Yi Long San’s cousin, played by Mandy Wong to renovate one of his open office areas, he is disgusted by her smell and tomboyish looks, but things that later change when he falls in love with her abilities. It looks like TVB has really made them into an on-screen couple and are not worried of boring the audience. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. He highly praised Psy for having talent: Thirty-seven-year-old Angela is currently pregnant with her first child with Chin Ka Lok. Login or Register before you can reply to Ribb. Of course awards are important, but you cannot demand for one.

Both miss each other, but due to past misunderstandings relating to their separation, there is both love and anger on both sides. By gm4queen Started November 1, In the series, she rarely has to appear in a bikini, but her current measurements are Even after marriage, his career continues to be his priority. She wants to feel sorry for herself for the rest of her life then so be it. Ah Jeh Liza gave me a lot of advice because we had many scenes together. The following is a table that includes a list of the total ratings points based on television viewership.

Principal photography began in late March. Apple Daily Translated by: Thus, Him said Koo Lo is a ‘naturally talented actor’. He is so curious about the identity of the graffiti artist, who is later found to be HEI.

On top of their long term rivalry, Sheung Ying Hung and Miu Sing Ho actively fight for the attention and future of their mutual grandson. Vincent is a well-established designer and CEO of his own company because of the backing of his mother.

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In one scene, Eliza had trouble crying, but it was all because of Chin Kar Lok that they were able to get through the scene smoothly. However, Vincent vows to prove his loyalty and devotion to her and eventually wins her heart again. You may use the content online and for your non-commercial, personal use only. He also doesn’t mind working eoisode Tavia in the future, since she is experienced and someone he can learn from.


In the series, she rarely has to appear in a bikini, but her current measurements are She is obviously wasting BOTH of their time with her fear and indecision. It was going around in circles and it stopped being romantic when she kept rejecting him, he kept running after her. Who doesn’t want a rapid rise, but you cannot rush it either. I want to see them going to Tokyo together not Mandy n Apple Give them a happy ending, please!

So Kei and Yi Long San’s boss remains together, happily dancing and enjoying their reverse-gender role relationship. I think they are really cute together and some of their scenes are quite funny. Also, they’re our support in the epislde, so I can feel more comfortable. However, of course Kar Lok pulled pranks on her as well: While this is happening, Vincent takes the chance to try to win Kwai Yi Hei’s heart, but she remains distant.

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Yi Long San is often trapped in the middle: Login or Register before you can reply to Login or Register before you can reply to bee7.

They acted very, very well when both of them exchanging of words, arguing, giving negative comments about each other. Posted August 29, Sometimes Ah Jeh would teach me how to do the scolding scenes. When he committed a crime, he convinced Kwai Divae Hei to take the fall and promised to marry her after she’s released; she believed in her boyfriend and heartedly agreed to take the fall. Login or Register before you can reply to Linnh. Her popularity is rapidly on the rise as she is crowned the new generation ‘Elegant Goddess’ and has successfully stolen Christine Kuo’s limelight.

Divas in Distress – 巴不得媽媽 – Episode 15 (Cantonese)

HEI is shocked to see HUNG taking a retreat inside the temple, which quickly alerts her to the fact that the woman is not vacationing overseas as she claims.


Login or Register before you can reply to Lol. Posted September 25, As for boys, they grow up through tripping and falling.

I do like them both. Login or Register before you can reply to Crystal. Login or Register before you can reply to AC. Posted September 13, However, Vincent’s mother is being stubborn over the matter and he diavs her off to her own devices until she ended up in the hospital and eventually returned home.

Hope it will be a very happy ending for them. Check date values in: I personally like to work with seniors, otherwise there won’t tvbb as many learning opportunities. In fact I thought So Kei is him until I looked again. While they kept their relationship a secret, Ching Yeuk Chan steadily grew tired of their rpisode relationship. Eliza Sam is a very nice person with a sincere personality, and she knows how to present herself nicely. However, how she could improve her acting did not get as much as attention as her wet white T-shirt look and her bathroom nude scene.

Where can you find a guy like Himhim who will do everything to accommodate a girl like you? He takes good care of his partner, but I like the matured types. Copying these materials for anything other disteess your personal use is a violation of copyright laws.

I enjoy watching the scenes between Mandy and Him. As Heung Heung was rumored with Chin Kar Lok earlier, Angela encouraged her before, that she shouldn’t let the fake news affect her. Login or Register before you can reply to Distrwss.

A few days later, she’ll ask me how I did. But then you’re not part of the TVB awards?

However, even though he maintains a platonic and professional relationship with Hannah, Yi Long San’s actions prove he cares for Hannah more than just a friend. By larus Started September 14,