Stefan encounters a terrifying new danger in the woods, and Tyler uncovers a shocking discovery about his uncle Mason. Meanwhile, Elena tries to repair her relationship with Jeremy, but he refuses to listen to her and considers Anna’s offer to become a vampire. Flashbacks to reveal Katherine’s initial meeting of Elijah and Klaus, along with the origin of the moonstone curse. With the arrival of the full moon, Elena attempts to get ready for whatever Klaus has in store for her, and Tyler faces his second transformation. The Curse of Oak Island 2. Elena invites Stefan and Bonnie to dinner in hopes they will bond, but Damon disrupts the evening with an unexpected visit. With help from Caroline and Jeremy, Bonnie deceives Luka into giving up some surprising new information. Matt’s mother appears unexpectedly; Damon takes part in a fund-raising bachelor raffle; Elena searches for information about her birth mother; Alaric confronts Damon about his late wife.

Stefan escorts Elena to the town’s annual Founder’s Party where Damon tells her a surprising story about his family’s past. A violent situation breaks out after Jules takes a hostage. Despite Elena’s wishes, Jeremy gets closer to the Lockwood mystery by hanging out with Tyler. Stefan and Damon recall the horrific events of that resulted in their broken relationship when their father became a vampire hunter who targeted Katherine, and Stefan confronts Alaric over why he’s in Mystic Falls. Season 8, Episode 6 December 2, Meanwhile, at the armory, Alaric and Georgie stumble upon a mysterious symbol that may be related to the supernatural force controlling Damon and Enzo.

With the full moon marking the arrival of the sacrifice ritual, Stefan and Elena spend a romantic day together, worried that it might be their last. Season 8, Episode 7 December 9, Season 8, Episode 5 November 18, Jenna starts to worry that Alaric isn’t being completely honest with her.

Matt’s mother appears unexpectedly; Damon takes part in a fund-raising bachelor raffle; Elena searches for information about her birth mother; Alaric confronts Damon about his late wife. Meanwhile, Caroline makes a shocking discovery when her car breaks down during a storm; seasin Matt’s mom visits, giving him hope that she will stay for good. Tyler pressures Mason to tell him the truth about the Lockwood family.

Season 8, Episode 4 November 11, Elena and Alaric are upset with John after Isobel’s unexpected arrival devastates Jenna. Damon and Stefan join forces against Cade in order to save Elena’s casket.


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Meanwhile, Caroline desperately tries to connect with Stefan before Cade goes through with his plan. Damon and Stefan realize they have a new secret weapon. Season 1, Episode 2 September 17, Season 8, Episode 2 October 28, Elena and Jeremy receive a surprise visit from an uncle who controls their estate, and he has a violent encounter with Damon. Damon rescues Elena from a car accident and takes her to Georgia where he surprises an old flame Gina Torresbut he’s seson by someone who attempts to make him pay for past wrongdoings.

Meanwhile, Bonnie gets advice from Caroline on how to break through to Enzo; and Matt attempts to decipher a mysterious box of messages that he received. Meanwhile, Elena tries to repair esason relationship with Jeremy, but he refuses to listen to her and considers Anna’s offer to become a vampire. Stefan and Damon face a dangerous new enemy. Add to Watchlist Added. Season 1, Episode 1 September 10, Season 8 begins with Stefan searching for Damon and Enzo after they mysteriously vanished months ago from the Armory vault.

He and Stefan set out to learn why Katherine came back and whether she poses a threat to Mystic Falls.

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Season 8, Episode 6 December 2, Season 1, Episode 9 November 12, Sheriff Forbes receives some shocking information from Mason, leading to va,pire chaotic night. A wedding is quickly planned in order for Damon and Stefan to lure a dangerous enemy, who is threatening the very fate of Mystic Falls, out tubepllus the open.

Season 8, Episode 13 February 17, Meanwhile, Sybil and her sister, Seline, jockey for control of the bell. With the fate of Mystic Falls at stake, Stefan and Damon fight their greatest enemy in one last, epic battle.

With a full moon approaching, Caroline helps Tyler prepare for his inevitable transformation. Meanwhile, Anna threatens to kill Jeremy if Stefan doesn’t help her get her mother out of the tomb, and Damon learns a devastating secret about Katherine.

Katherine asks her friend, Lucy, to join her at the ball. Daddy Issues Episode Damon and Sesson attend the dance as chaperons, expecting Klaus to show up, but Klaus is playing a complicated game that keeps them guessing. Why you should watch The Voice, Sseason of Dance and more!

Elena is frustrated at Jeremy and her friends’ excessive efforts to protect her. Stefan’s Christmas Eve dinner with Caroline is crashed by Damon and Sybil, and things quickly take a dark and twisted turn. Damon and Stefan devise a new plan to deal with Katherine at the Lockwood’s 44 ball. Season 1, Episode 19 April 22, Married at First Sight. La La Land 6.


Tyler’s uncle, Mason, arrives to console his family members, who are still grieving after the mayor’s death. Damon, Jeremy, and Bonnie search for the tubrplus they’ll need to harness the power of Bonnie’s ancestors. Damon finds it difficult to hide his true feelings when a life-and-death situation impacts tubbeplus more than he expected. Enzo continues to fight the control over him; Bonnie is forced to make a heart-wrenching decision involving two of the most important people in her life; Alaric researches a mysterious artifact that may help bring Damon and Enzo back; Damon’s downward spiral leads him to Tyler Lockwood who tries to talk some sense into him before riaries too late.

When Bonnie learns some new information about Mason, she decides to share it with Stefan, which leads to Damon taking action on his own. Season 1, Episode 3 September 24, Meanwhile, Damon is surprised by Bonnie’s psychic abilities when he tries to take back a necklace she’s wearing that belongs to him.

The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Meanwhile, Stefan’s need for human blood continues to consume him and he kidnaps a girl from the gala to feed upon her; and Damon learns John Vajpire is seeking a mysterious device created in that Pearl has in her possession.

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Available to Stream Watch on. Stefan and Elena are faced with limited options when Katherine gives them an ultimatum. Elena is put in peril when as she searches for information about Katherine’s past. Season 1, Episode 12 January 28,