The story of two brothers where one out deceives the other is the classical fight of the two cycles of nature, or the two Bi-cycles. You say that EL is a semitic word and this is true, however it is a semitic word that comes specifically from Canaan Phoenicia. For example his outrageous claims that the Delta Nile was made to resemble the Orion Nebula. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. King David was the ‘second’ 2nd King, once again telling the story of “two,” just like the letter B bi , the second letter of the alphabet Alef Beit. I can’t imagine nor can I grasp your reasoning, but then again I have high morals, obviously unlike someone else we all know. Are people really ever born in a manger?

Are they protecting the Elite or the public? Even today, we have the people who are divided and fight and struggle to see who will rule and own the sacred land! Truthiracy House of Wisdom. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. So, Ben assumption is absurd and ignorant to say the least. I know what the scriptures say.

You say that EL is a semitic word and this is true, however it is a semitic word that comes specifically from Canaan Phoenicia.

Go look at the Vatican from above, go look at the United Nations table bull layout, it’s all the same symbol of the act of sex. I know they are monitoring me, as I and my viewers can attest to. The Tetragrammaton is the same symbol of sex magic. The Goddess An or Antu is the consort of Anu, and together they give birth to all life and animals.

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When one gains this perspective, a deeper understanding of words arise and the unseen can be seen. Thus we have the hanged man on card 12 of the Tarot. His speech about false teachings and deception was a psychological wisfom of pointing the finger that is actually pointing inward at himself, a feeble attempt to clean someone filmms doorstep which is actually a hidden message to himself to clean his own doorstep, his irrational rhetoric reflects his egotistical narcissistic self.


The same meaning also applies to words that begin with “de,” like describe, defend, devil, wosdom, decline, etc. BS Quotes “The use of the word elohim in Hebrew is not an indication that the name Israel has anything to do with Ugaritic Saturn worship” and “Your mention of the Phoenician makes absolutely no sense.

This even has clearly shaped and altered his perception of what Police stand for. His claims are based upon blind eyes, and he is a truthifacy researcher who is certainly not an etymologist in any sense of the word.

Are people really ever born in a manger? A direct link to rape and the sun!

The point is, that every letter in a word is there for a specific logical historical relevant reason. Goddess of Justice, the “T”, Hathor, isis, the golden cow or calf goddess worshipped by the Hebrew Israelites. Thus the Bible says, the arrival of the lamb means the arrival of Jesus, the first born of the dead.

The obelisk is known as a sundial, “Sun-dia-EL.

Similar authors to follow

King David has a son or offspring named King Solomon. Although some words may be hard for some to associate with the prefix of “ra or re,” you’ll find that you are just missing the correct knowledge and wisdom to see why the are RElated.

An is the consort of Anu, who was also a creator god.

Freemason secrets illuminati sheep. One or more persons who make plans to fool and deceive in order to obtain the desired outcome. Who was Yahweh’s Consort? Sarah truthidacy the daughter of Asher son of Jacob as in the Ashur Bull. By the way, you’ll notice the theme of the sacred “bull” throughout my research and teachings, not because I am obsessed with bulls, but because this is where the “bullshits” leads to. You miss the concept that Jesus, Zeus, Baal, Green Man, Jester, Joker, Fool, Pan, is the ancient horned spirit of nature, the one that struggles with god nature in the ebb and flow of our world, the struggle between fimls sun and the moon, night and day or the winter and summer.


So your assertion that EL did not influence the name Israel is like saying ‘cowboys’ do not take their name from ‘cows. Country Country is a place of ones BIRTH, where they come from, and we all come cum from our mother’s vagina, the black dark tunnel, also known as her “cunt,” the sacred circle of life, the rabbit hole, thus the Playboy sexy fertility bunny, which is female.

So the harvesters would use the rake wisdpm broom to dance and jump over, much fils the rituals of jumping over the Bull or fire.

For example, if we see something we have never seen trthiracy, we will use words to try iflms name the subject, and we will ascribe relevant words to describe it.

I will be posting my theologies on the real meaning of an angel soon, which can already be seen in my current videos. Himself as Frank O.

I think It’s amazing that I decoded and discovered so many astonishing things that so called professionals in their fields could not figure out whatsoever. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

Notice that even today, service men or soldiers will raise their hands “up high” to the tip top of the apex of the head, over the “eye. More proof of duality and division?

Because I had the wisdom of the techniques, so I do not have to hurt my opponent, which is compassion. Just like when you get a NEW home from your OLD home, a change of season so to speak, what do you do with your mate May 8 at your new home? This is why his people are a people who are divided! Notice how Hell has the word for God in it EL ll.