Winning is no longer enough; I need to be the one who makes them lose! The Geniuses are the third team eliminated from the race after taking too long with their castle. Archived from the original on June 28, Many countries and their geographic elements are used as settings for the whole series, with a different country used for each episode. Retrieved May 25, Emma and Kitty, Sisters. Retrieved October 5,

Josee voice Scott McCord The Upstairs Downstairs Bears Pecola. Retrieved July 2, Gee, big guy, I But when things get competitive, you turn into a raging, psychotic bull! MacArthur voice Nicole Stamp In the end, the Adversity Twins Jay and Mickey come in last after suffering from stage fright. They break up with one another before Don reveals it is another non-elimination leg.

There’s no one in the world I’d rather eat eyeballs with. Taylor walks all over her in return and rarely has a good word to say about her put-upon parent. Olliver’s Adventures Doodlez Clone High 1.

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The series parodies popular travel and competition style reality shows, including The Amazing Race. Crimson, Ennui and Loki, Goths. If I ever see the Surfer Dudes trying to kiss, I’m going to interrupt them. Retrieved September 22, Archived from the original on October 16, So if [Owen and I] win the race So, they were forced to leave the competition and bring back a team of their choice.

Full Cast and Crew. Their first challenge is to go to the Empire State Building and climb up all the way to the top in order to grab a case and then take the case to Central Park. Archived from the original on June 24, Archived from the original on July 26, Owen is big, sweet, gassy and not too bright.


However, they are saved by a non-elimination leg, and they vow to take down the other teams. We didn’t make the podium at all?!

Archived from the original on September 27, Retrieved June 10, Retrieved July 10, New Zealand — Fresh TV”. However, it was another non-elimination leg so they are still in the arce.

In the end the Ice Dancers beat out the Racd for last place, but another non-elimination round saves them. Edit Details Release Date: Archived from the original on June 28, The ice dancers cheat for the presnets, and even with a major penalty, they still win the leg. The final 5 teams now travel to India to harvest tea crops and then ride a train.

The Upstairs Downstairs Bears Pecola. Retrieved June 30, The haters lose after using Stephanie uses a U-turn on themselves, but it was a non elimination leg. Kelly and Taylor, Mother and Daughter. Morocco — Fresh TV”.

Lord of the Ring Toss

Retrieved August 7, Search for ” Lord of the Ring Toss ” on Amazon. Archived from the original on March 4, The eleven tota teams stay in Australia for a bunny hunt challenge. In June, a pair of goths called Ennui and Crimson, and Mary and Ellody, two close friends who are dubbed the “Geniuses”, were revealed with news that returning voice actors Carter Hayden and Emilie-Claire Barlow voice of Courtney from the original series would play them.


The cadets are the first to open up their briefcase, but MacArthur accidentally puts a hole in their boat, forcing her to row as fast as she can to shore, tiring her out. Racing with you has been the most fun ever.

Episod a lesson I’ve learned again and again: Geoff gives a motivational speech to Brody as they find their combination and make it to the finish line first. The ice dancers apply legal sabotage to help them win the leg.

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Subsequently, the last scene of the season is edited to depict the surfers holding the million dollar prize, while the cadets are standing out with the rest of the teams in the peanut gallery.

It’s often his son, who despite being the youngest contestant is more than wise beyond his years, helping him out of whatever muddle he’s fallen in to.

The eight remaining teams travel to the Arctic Circle where they must play ring toss racw narwhal horns and then build an igloo. Brody’s got the tastebuds of a dude who doesn’t have any tastebuds.