Stupid jerk of a father. Minori then says it should be her that should be apologizing to Ryuuji, since she knew what kind of person Taiga’s dad really was, but never told Ryuuji. Or will it end the same as it ended before? Unbelivable how this show can surprise me. It was never mentioned since. BBCode Modified by slayersama, Dec 25, 4:

At that time I though something amazing would happen on the stage but guess not since the president makes a surprise appearance with a announcement most likely about a race to see who puts the the Tiara on Taiga. Or will it end the same as it ended before? Taiga and Minori do have a strong bond between each other too. When she talks about liking women more, I had said something similar in the last thread. But there was the element of his own family background being perpetrated. Week In Review Winter

HorribleRaws release should be out soon.

Taiga X Ryuuji For the Win! I loved this episode. Minori trusted Taiga’s father and was happy for Taiga, but then, just like this time around, he disappeared suddenly.

ToraDora Tagalog Dubbed – Episode 13

If anything she just wants to demonstrate her commitment in front of Taiga. Ang kontrata namin ni CC reviews Tignan natin ang buhay ng isang Pinoy na napag-kontratahan ni CC galing sa Code Geass, mula sa kanyang sariling talambuhay. I so think if this ever became live action only Nishikido Ryo should and could play the role successfully. And i actually felt Ami’s attire matches here personality: Interesting how they restored the relationship between Ryuuji and Taiga, while further developing the other two.


Then to my surprise 1 comes in her dress. Or will it end the same as it ended before?

Taiga deserves happiness so much more than anyone. Just like what was said in the episode “a mix of emotions flying everywhere” really describes what I felt watching this. Toradora isn’t supposed to be something like that for crying out loud. What’s on your mind? How do you dance? I love this anime. D and his face after Minori said, maybe she likes women more. There would be straight out fights in the background since the prizes went to the class who managed to win.

Second four other guys come towards Ryuuji to win the race and Kushieda throws herself at them to stop them even if she was so angry at Ryuuji. This episode was perfect! Oboete sono boku no tomodachi sniW! Ryuuji going berserk was my fav.

Great ending to this arc. Well, I got thrown for a loop this time around. Things suddenly 31 on a surprise when Taiga ripped part of her dress because it was in her way and fits herself into a duffel bag to be carried out by the first girl who was a maid.

ToraDora Tagalog Dubbed – Episode 13

But there was the element of his own family background being perpetrated. No matter what other people might say about their relationship, I still think Ryuuji and Taiga should be much more than just friends.


D I liked its innocence!

The Great Sage Naruto by Thousandson reviews This toradpra set 3 year after the war piny the Atatsuki and Naruto is about to get a surprising new teammate to take the Chunin exams finally.

I’m just starting to wonder how it’s all going to end up. She always thinks of others before herself. It will just be convieniently swept under the rug until some future episode decides it wants to revisit it for example, Taiga’s confession when Ryuugi almost drowned. P I could believe the last and I agree with the second. I’m really happy toravora not angry with each other anymore. Favorite part was how Ryuuji realized, that all he did wasn’t really for Taiga, rather for himself.

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You guys are not thinking Kushieda is really a lesbian? Christian people like me would not accept this!

The beginning, I will be honest, was to be sad since the tension of Taiga’s father not coming to her play still plagued deeply Taiga’s feeling she could not get it out of her mind.