Did you miss your activation email? Yes, let’s share him. Gawd, is Jae Hee going to need saving every episode? Kim Ian Supporting Cast. Tae-Joon is at his desk and Jae-Hee asks him to go bowling with them, of course he refuses them right away. I laughed at the paintball scene where the girls at soompi were going nuts over Minho the action heros.

Now if only they can get Leo diCaprio to guest in this show. I only found the point that makes me giggles is when Tae Joon feels jealous. Thank you for recap. And, I do hope Seung-ri doesn’t end up with her!! Please enter your username or email address. Umm those were predebut, Vic was a nobody when she shot with established celebrities. And not in a non-book smart way which, she’s actually supposed to have been a top student in her previous school, I don’t even , but in a way that makes you wonder how she survived to age She’s still cute, but I just wish we had a semi-bright female lead for once who impresses a guy with her wide array of knowledge rather than a nice smile.

Who knew paintball could be so mother effing sexy!? The flips and fancy turns and wall climbing and whatnot. I just can’t with you.

Do I have to say anything? I was thinking of a compilation too! No big deal, though, I love both girls. He’s also actually quite close to his friends and goes. Great reaction from Minho. This is really nice! You know what would be perfect for him?

He observes as Eun-gyul and Jae-hee traverse the grounds.

Eun-gyul contemplates sending a post-punch selca to Da-hae when he notices Hyun-jae packing for the upcoming training camp trip. It’s obvious 2 most that his acting is improving and is naturally athletic.


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That’s why you see them in more variety shows, CF, dramas, etc He suggests going into the water to look for it and she reminds him that she is allergic to the chlorine. Honey September 8, at 7: Minho wanted to be a soccer athlete, but Choi Yoon-gyeom Minho’s the 2nd son, I totally forgot the name of his hyung ; saw a pic of the two of them at omonaLJ told him it’s a difficult road ahead. Mel September 10, at 5: Eun-gyul has another little awkward jealous of his own when Tae-joon celebrates his next strike with Jae-hee.

The show is cute and fun, but the writing has never really gotten out of the “mediocre” category. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Matt Damon, Mick Jagger I just feel that most of us has fallen for these young actors because they’re convincing, or may I say they’re perfectly cast in their respective role? You are commenting using your WordPress. Minho is pretty athletic. Eun-Gyeol then fantasizes going around to other guys asking to switch rooms and is even willing to trade his signed soccer ball.

I agree, I think the show gets better and better with each episode! We got noonas and fpisode here fangirling on Eun Gyul. Ahn Hye Kyung Supporting Cast. Jae-Hee meets up with Jong-Min and he asks if she has lost a necklace because he dropped it by the art room in the annex and that she should go find bfautiful because its going to be demolished tomorrow. Among the top 5 male performances from the Asian dramas I’ve seen thus far. There is a catch, however: Mic September 10, at 2: Far be it from me to wade into an idol war Now if only they can get Leo diCaprio to guest in this show.


And, I love Coach Baek. And now, she’s Tae-Joon’s childhood friend??? How can she not have an inkling that Tae Joon knows she’s a girl?

Who does he miss, but won’t tell TJ? Collect your thoughts and think again. She tells him that he looks worried and he says that he is having a hard time being a friend because he feels jealous.

And to make the scene even cuter, he very silently puts it back to its place, along with the flower vases. June 05, Tae-joon puts on his mask and cue action music. Even when we get some dramatic action moments, it just makes me crack up again. Is Lee Hyun Woo can really play football? Episodes by LollyPip. Tae-Joon is at his desk and Jae-Hee asks him to go bowling with them, of course he refuses them right away. Page 1 Page 2 Next page.

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Shawols and K-Pop fans alive swear it’s the Flaming Charisma’s ultra-competitiveness. Jae-hee is put on cooking duty and Tae-joon joins her, rolling up his sleeves. All my friends recommended me as well to watch Playful Kiss of which l did. Or is that just wishful thinking?