I think my coworker only has two could weather outfits. Igo – Not much Many Twitter users, upon viewing King’s hyperactive behavior, decided the solution was to whip him into submission. They just be finding folks for Emily to talk to. In May , we saw things fall through the cracks — T. My grown son allows his 3 now 4 year old to wear Make-up. Too much of the same mess on everyone is too much, some people can cheapen even the most expensive outfit, and those red bottoms are quickly losing stock. A compilation of the numerous times TIP instilled invaluable life lessons in six of his children.

While at the rally, Messiah Harris and Reginae Before long, he realizes he’ll need his family’s help. I guess he didn’t learn from his lunch tray experience. Why am I actually feeling it!!! Love Dating Sex Marriage xoMan. CD I am deeply offended by your current Gravi because it makes me want some wings. I couldn’t with her crying about “John” daily then going right back home to ride the same duck that God only knows who was riding it before he came home.

Children only do what you allow them to do.

Hear the first track from Ms. That little boy is off the chain! Eazy Does It says: Man, when we were slick with the mouth we got popped in the mouth. This chick smashes a whole slab of babybacks by herself for lunch.

When she was talking to Mama Jones I can tell she still wants the relationship with the family with Mama Jones and Jimmy’s deyajh. With his first performance days away his family and professional life are clashing!

She has two suits.

I meant to say that I was scratching my head with that comb Heyyyy Fay Fay! Friends and Family Hustle Episode number: The land of old geezers and their awful ass offspring. My family volunteered for MLK day Aging a little, but at least he look he bathe.


My grown son allows his 3 now 4 year old to wear Make-up. Create a free ShareTV account to make a personalized schedule of your favorite TV shows, keep track of what you’ve watched, earn points and more. I like the show surprisingly, but it’s time to get a handle on lil King. Meanwhile, Tiny boyvriend a new business venture.

Yeah I would talk to him alright My cuz is a hustler who openly exposed his yr old son to his lifestyle. I know what you meant lol. Bless him and bless her too!!

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My mama always said you dont want a child no one loves but you. They all have personality. OTB, where are you in 76 degree weather? Man I swear them damn shoes Cut to Tiny, who steps in to give T.

Episode 1: T.I. Bonds With Deyjah and Niq Niq

KIm…I think she does too. As Tiny prepares to go on stage with Xscape at the So So Def concert, she receives flowers from TIP, and the two of them reflect on how their relationship has And why all the bacon frying deyjab folks always saying she looks like a farm animal? Two cold weather outfits maybe that’s all she can afford or that’s her favorite outfits.

ATlien Michelle exposed the hell out of Marlo. My bestie used to pronounce it Flord-di-da. Trust if them camera’s weren’t around that little boy would get his butt whopped. Lo Motown Tribute Fery. Just like to dejah that I didn’t like this episode! And Tiny discuss the perfect way to celebrate their marriage.

Does Niq Niq Have A Boyfriend?

And he needed his pushed til it broke. Later he recalls their first date at the Three Dollar Cafe, in Yas, and teases Tiny about apparently following him to the mall to get his number before their first date. Tiny takes her mom to dinner to discuss the situation. Who you think you is?

There are some big changes underway inside the Harris household as “Family Hustle” episoode for its 5th season tonight on VH1 — and we caught up with Tameka “Tiny” Harris tinh oldest daughter Zonnique about all the craziness in store for the show’s biggest fans.


I’m trippin on his assistant telling Em she should endure his cheating til he gets past that phase. And why that lil boy dont wear draws? I’m sure that’s alot of your issue. She had ear phones in yesterday The couple’s daughter Leyah Amore Harris was born stillborn in That shyt ain’t corporate!

MzD that movie is timeless! Too much of the same mess on everyone is too much, some people can cheapen even the most expensive outfit, and those red bottoms are quickly losing stock. The Family Hustle, Season 6. When I told her that and she said, “Your eyelids have a natural golden glow to them”, I know I was grinning from ear to ear because that means all of the water, witch hazel which I’ll get into in just a eisodeand sweet almond oil is truly paying off.

When he told his mama that they lived in a mansion and maids could clean up the house his ass should’ve got popped. With Christmas around the corner, Tip decides to teach the children a valuable lesson in charity.

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In SeptemberT. You know he can’t afford the Bond money and I’m sure Applebee’s don’t want his ass back. I told him, he’s gonna be like that til he goes to school.