The authors in The Terministic Screen have been too well trained as rhetoricians not to recognize the pitfalls of that sort of ritualized incantation of subjectivity and the accompanying dangers of rationalizing all experience as self- fulfilling prophecy. He has also been a spy, a thief, and an assassin. The CATTt can, however, be useful as a reading strategy throughout the film to allow for a more active conscious utilization of the linking process. It will not be easy, says Scorsese, but we must struggle, fight, ascend, always remembering that, in the words of Kazantzakis: Inference and Rhetoric in the Interpretation of Cinema. Our crosses are those things we most fear.

But we live in an age when nations are mapped cinematically or televisually more than geographically. The Rhetorical Turn The Terministic Screen is very much about seeing and interpreting, about visual rhetoric and making meaning. Southern Illinois University Press, , The answer is pro- vided in a close reading of the filmic text itself. Scorsese has given the cinematic audience a profound statement of the problem of achieving human selfhood. It was something finer than that. Accordingly, as they investigate this conception of the filmic text, rhetorical film theorists and critics cannot avoid the vital issue impinging upon rhetoric and ideology—connotation.

The Imaginary Signifier Psychoanalysis and the Cinema.

The Terministic Screen Rhetorical Perspectives on Film

Is it to be evaluated according to the parameters of a particular cinematic genre such as the biblical epic, looking back to DeMille, Stevens, and Zeffirelli for generic touchstones? Barthes asks, Do I add to the images in movies? Although Aristotle does address rhetoriccal possibility of including narration within the other two genres, he emphasizes the resulting difficulties to a greater degree.

What has been lost materially has been recovered rhetorically through the conventions of cinematic representation. When, around the campfire in the desert, the members of the International Sand Club entertain each other, Katharine does so by telling a story of adultery and death recorded by Herodotus: Only in such a world could Hardy and Kip find common ground, but Hardy dies imagining exactly the opposite, the world in which the British flag flies in the Italian village square.


The Subject of Screwn. It comes out of the gate punning self-referentially on other sci-fi movies. Rushing, Janice Hocker, and Thomas S. I want to be your persoectives. None of these possibilities are ostensibly applying a theory.

Shortly after Hana sets up the household, David Caravaggio arrives. It is a film about a universal dimension of humanity that the filmmaker, for whatever reasons, has chosen to communicate through the sym- bolic, metaphorical, and typological aspects of the Christ story.

That claim was staked, of course, with indiffer- ence to or in defiance of prior claims. In a suicide attack, Geoffrey killed himself termministic seriously injured Katharine pdrspectives trying to crash their plane into Almasy.

Each of the works in The Terministic Screen share rhetoricsl emphases with other approaches described under each of the following four categories, which I offer here with some terminisstic explanation and ref- erences to work in film studies that might be considered in allegiance with, if not models, of the approach.

Then I tell myself: Ironically, Hana has chosen for the site of this anticolony the historical home of the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire. Ulmer retheorizes place via the relationship between flm and topos. Therefore, deliberative oratory and narration are discussed as follows: It performs this act of conversion, moreover, through an unseen agency, as only the tip of the brush is visible and we do not know who marks the surface or when or why.

Each time they meet illicitly, John gives Cynthia a lush, exotic plant. The Classical Hollywood Cinema: Hence, the centrality of laughter—delivering one-liners and cheap gags: The Manchurian Candidate by Bruce Krajewski; Nevertheless, a single, comprehensive meth- odology advocating both cine-specific analysis and perspectivrs critique has not emerged in these works.

At times, Metz fails to distinguish between the terms langue and code.


Reader response theory is too relative, resistance to hegemony too oppo- sitional. Borrowing liberally from Barthes and Kristeva, Metz describes filmic writing in the following manner: Then the pain came back and the voices. English View all editions and formats.

Works Cited Andrew, J. Both Nadel and Krajewski see rhetoric not merely as a system of analytical tools, but as a metasystem that helps us interpret our interpretations, as viewers and as theorists.

The question then becomes why? Nevertheless, as he does so, he minimizes and restricts the effects of his revised interpretation. But to be lured into the womb is also to be propelled into a tomb.

THE TERMINISTIC SCREEN Rhetorical Perspectives on Film | Bethany Morgan –

Is the film to be judged with respect to its fidelity to the original novel by Nikos Kazantzakis? Works Cited Ansen, David, et al. The Father stands between the son and the symbolic representation of the mother.

Our crosses are those things we most fear. Adam was drawn from the womb of mother earth; the Second Adam from treministic womb of Mary. Instead, he claims that his method does not work with film or movement-imagesonly with photog- raphy.

Although she never fully articulates her complex mo- tives, she acts as if, by caring for the scorched English patient and thus easing the pain of his purgatory, she can suffer through her own. Termknistic cinema constructs its nar- rative by means of plotting coordinates between a vast and unviewable world and a manageable, contained temporal and physical space.


The Oedipus complex maps out the vicissitudes of triangular relationships which have their origins in the relationship between the child and his two parents.