A new season may be brought about by a variety of reasons, after which the previous map is no longer used. Chopping trees, fighting mobs, and talking about basketball Building columns in the arena. Discussing the town hall logo and adding some details to it Finding a “baked potato on a stick” food truck that Kurt made and burning it down Working on ice windows. Exploring a cave, allergies, monetizing videos Starting his anti-zombie fortress. Discovering a hidey-hole from Kurt underneath his house Working on his house above the arena village Starting to construct the rail line to the arena. Visiting mooshroom island Collecting glowstone Working on the exterior walls of the arena.

Donations Gathering sand Starting his underwater tree farm, talking about burning out of games, meeting people online. Creating a fallen tree bridge Working on hidden lighting and the path. Exploring the stronghold Looking through the abandoned mineshaft. Mindcrack Server – Episode 58″. Starting to rebuild his house at Spawn Talking about his desire to use snapshots on the server. Season 4 began with 24 active Mindcrack members. Placing string throughout Millbee’s house.

It has been suggested this section be moved to Season 3. Working on building a floating pyramid, podcasting softwares Footage from Beef’s fan server unrelated to Mindcrack. B-Team Saves the Server:: Discovering eagles roosting on his fhe Deku tree, left by BlameTC.

Building the anti-zombie fortress Changing their past, talking about school with Andrea. Building columns in the arena. Searching for a jungle biome, talking about 1.

Touring Arkasdam Discussing tree building. Showing off the village building supply Exploring a ravine with Guude Going to the communal mine. First Classpronunciation of words, pet wolves. Creating a fallen tree bridge Working on hidden lighting and the path. Donations Adding dispensers to brewing room Transporting Dexter. Constructing his house on his plot Exploring the town Burning Arkas’ shed Visiting the farm at the edge of town. Working on his sandstone house Talking about concerts and traveling to PlayOnCon.

Connecting the anti-zombie fortress to the nether Talking about new computers, streaming qualities, collecting DVDs. Exploring a cave, allergies, monetizing videos Starting his anti-zombie fortress. Recount of 24 hour livestream, exploring a cave Discussing alien life, UFO sightings, ghosts, cryptids with Andrea. Building a house and a water wheel that harvests and cooks potatoes Talking about a shaders sedver. Slaying of the Ender Dragon. Talking about his new computer and partnership with IGN Working on the zombie fortress.


Season 3 server tour. Exploring, fantasizing about an infinite amount of resources with Andrea. How to get in there:: Work jinecraft the zombie apocalypse tower Discussion of how things have changed since he started YouTube. Modifying sheep pens and breeding sheep Laying out the teepee.

Minecraft Mindcrack – Episode 190 – Banned?

minecrsft Exploring a cave Thf about his birthday, ill family members. Enclosing part of the build in glass Talking about taxes, home ownership and vacationing in Cuba Telling a story about getting drunk when he went to Cuba as mniecraft kid. Since MarchGuude displayed an overviewer map of the world [2] and the server chat logs on guudelp. Opening Christmas presents and showing the gifts he gave.

Recounting going to the dentist and getting cavities filled Answering questions asked over Twitter Background footage enchanting books, mining end stone, building Gaping Hole floor.

Working on the arena Touring thejims base. Fighting the Wither with Generikb near Generikb’s place before giving up. Defending epissode Death Games attack from Etho Then helping to recover Etho’s items Introducing the idea of catacombs for the Death Games Discovering a prank from Dinnerbone that flipped his building company upside down Removing an unidentified prank that left four large brown mushrooms in eipsode Town Hall Digging out an underground area and creating an entrance for the catacombs.

Fishing with generikb Hunting the “Blaze Boys”, a “gang” of blazes, for a sheriff’s reward Defeating generikb in a gunslinging showdown at high noon. Interior Designing with BdoubleO! Working on the arena Clearing his house of iron golems, cats, clay and gravel that Baj left. Footage from finding the new spawn with Chad and Pyro.


Continued exploration of the mineshaft Holiday stories. Caving Talking about his trip to British Columbia.

Discussing biome changes, pumpkin lighting Terraforming around spawn Talking about the build contest a friend is in, the upcoming MindCrack Marathon Making trees and a fishing pond. Mindcrack Server – Episode 70″. Aerver with cowboy-themed armor and weapon textures and sounds Leading newly-tamed donkeys by horseback and boat back to Mudbucket Having shootouts with skeletons at night.

PauseUnpause/videos – The Unofficial Fan-Run MindCrack and HermitCraft Wiki

Cleaning up Team America’s prank Talking about moving. The world was to expand by 10 blocks every day 5 in each direction until it reached x which was expected to take 5 monthsat which point it would increase by only 2 blocks per day for the remainder of te season. Traveling to and exploring the new lands Discovering a jungle to build in.

Mindcrack Server – Episode 77″. Repairing his diamond pickaxe Collecting clay from the ocean and finding a zombie spawner Completing the dome of the Nether Hub.

Talking about his ancestry and culture, caving Creating a skeleton trap, talking about his prank on Guude, proposes Team Canada. Discovering that the arena ‘s roof has burned down Working on his track and setting up the zombie spawner Episodee about his videos and suicide. Opening a real estate agency with generik Negotiating terms and conditions Assigning values to lots.

Visiting thejims nether base Enchanting at the Ender Ender Talking about a Tekkit series he was going to do and Feed the Beast Working on the arena village. Talking about the MindCrack Marathonmanaging the Doc Shop and Notch joining 10 server Lighting up part of the perimeter to increase the supply of glowstone Making a guest house for Dinnerbone.