What was the point of that? And like, she’s mad at him even though the reason he left was to save the world? I Have a hard time putting into words why I didn’t give this 4 stars. The main character in the Maelstrom is Max. I don’t normally care for animal sidekicks, but Nick’s story keeps stabbing me in the feels. Tolkien was a peerless world builder and really the granddaddy of contemporary fantasy.

I did have some issues with the romance. Neff gives enough back story that the reader will catch up easily to what has happened previously and will understand the present storyline. They rarely view themselves as the villain. This book is amazing! Instead of summoners being maligned by society, Gryff is in a position to make them revered and honored. And Nox, about whom I will say no more, but whose appearance may bring a tear your your eye and a smile to your heart. To me this came out of the blue.

I barely wanted to put it down, and that’s always a good thing. To view it, click here.

But once again, Neff does an excellent job of peppering humor throughout–there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments for comic relief many thanks to Toby the Smee, an absolutely genius character. He will meet old allies, good hebry, new enemies and old enemies as well.

Writing requires intense and prolonged focus. Henry likes to nef and believes others enjoy it, no matter what they say or throw. This book seemed a much quicker read than the last few books though it dragged a bit around half way through the book. Not only does Jack demolish a monastery, maelstgom Lucy is carried off by the Lady of the Lake.


SC is the first person born in space. I did have some issues with the romance. Your best chance to achieve this is by putting as much of yourself into your stories as you can.

The Maelstrom

He only is really cruel when someone steps in his way, unlike Prusias who will kill because hehry fun. If you can’t be strong, be witty’ ‘What if you can’r be witty?

Yup, he’s really back from the dead but don’t worry, he’s not a zombie and he’s just as mysterious as his jaelstrom, David. I love romance novels and I also adore books that aren’t specifically romance, but have a strong and positive romantic subplot.

The Write Path: The Maelstrom- The Tapestry book 4 by Henry H. Neff

Who is your target audience? Star Child Places of Power By: Most Helpful Most Recent. You could see that every page of the book was meticulously written down, which made the characters and setting even more realistic. What a setup for Book 5!

His formidable armies are on the move, and Rowan is in their sights. After being on pllot adventures in The Fiend and the Forge, the duo are reunited. My enemies will know fear like they’ve never known it before Well, actually, quite the opposite However, with defiant acts from certain individuals, the may have to face war whether they want to or not. Nov 06, Deborah ,aelstrom rated it really liked it.

The smee cleared his throat. As a romantic couple it wouldn’t be one member always running off into danger while the other, weaker half stays out of the fray and worries.

Neff has created a series that I’ve followed with eager interest and anticipation. Sep 23, Remy marked it as to-read.


The Maelstrom: Book Four of The Tapestry

A trait that can be read on every page. For centuries, mystical creatures of all description were gathered to a hidden refuge called Fablehaven to prevent their extinction. It felt like very little progression took place.

The Royal Institute of Magic.

All in all, this book really sets up for the final book in the series, The Red Winter, due later this year. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Anyway, my first gripe is the romantic subplot. Incredible new creatures, creepy new demons, revealing backstories and sparks of young love. We saw two interactions between her and Max and were told about the scar incident, and that’s enough for them to be in love?

Rowan is a supposedly independent kingdom but now that push has comer to shove I assume you have read the volume preceding this one the demons who rule the rest of the world are somewhat See 1 question about The Maelstrom…. I mean no disrespect. Magnus is the son of a Norse god.

Countless little scenes or moments in my books have been inspired or informed by the thousands of novels, comics, magazines and flimsy leaflets hooray leaflets! Magyk is an original story of lost and rediscovered identities, rich with humor and heart.