They released two singles on the Specials’ 2-Tone label. Sam begins to grow restless of his confinement, wanting find the Holloway kids again so he can be with his younger sister Ella, who is traveling as one of the younger kids in their group and who believes that he is dead, along with every single other person in the Holloway gang. Now the wait starts for the last book and i can honestly say the last book to me will be an all out war between the kids and the grown ups. This was a return to form for me. The figure then reveals himself to be a zombie capable of speech, before he devours the child. They eventually wind up at the Houses of Parliament with Nicola, who develops a minor and insignificant crush on Ed.

P rated it really liked it. They kill many small children, as well as Maxie’s newly appointed right-hand man Josh, devastating her. At least book 7 is said to be the last. In the battle, Blue gets a shed collapsed on his head, whilst Maxie singlehandedly fights John. After the boys are treated to a feast by the Acolytes, they befriend a girl their age named Charlotte, who reveals that Matt gained respect from the kids at the Cathedral via taking control of a warehouse next to them filled to the brim with food. And visit the facebook page for The Enemy series to keep up with the news! Here, the entire first half of the book passed without leaving Ella’s perspective.

I had mixed feelings about Josa ; at first I hated her because she was a bitch and I hated Tylerbut she started to grow on me. I like creepy and mystery, but not horror.

The bandaged carlie reveals she comes from a group of children staying at the National History Museumand that they would be happy to let the group stay. Malik saves her and brings her to his hideout. He takes Ed’s gang synopsos a safe hiding spot, where he decides to reveal his real name to Ed; Dylan Peake. He has tried to keep himself entertained, but can do nothing to help himself.

Now Ella’s all-alone except for her silent rescuer, Scarface – and she’s not even sure if he’s a kid or a grown-up.

Personal Response I think the author did an outstanding job of adding in unexpected moments. Sep 30, Michelle Bookaholic Banter rated it it was amazing Hitson Later that night, they save a boy named Jester from a large pack of zombies, prompting him to invite the group to his home, Buckingham Palacewhich he claims is safe.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Jun 27, Stephanie rated it really liked it Shelves: I read until I got off the charliw at work at like 7. Knowing when to stand down.


Pages to import images to Wikidata. Disney Hyperionthe series’ American publisher, wanted to target the books at a slightly older audience.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The third novel, Dharlie or Die, was published on 4 January having had its title announced the day before. They feel so real to me.

The Hunted by Charlie Higson | Book Review + Discussion

They free the royals, causing chaos, and fight their way through David’s forces, eventually making it out of the palace with Paddy and a guard known as Big Nose coming along with them. Another round of running, killing, hacking, and slashing that pulls on your heartstrings. Good again but after 6 books the story is beginning to feel a little samey.

The Young Bond titles are During the ensuing fight, Deke is killed when his lung is punctured by a shard of glass, and Arran is bitten by a zombie he believes to be his mother. Shadowman runs with the group to their car, but the discovers the keys were left in Hhnted pocket.

Ed starts off as a very tough fighter, and as the book goes on he starts caring for others. About Charlie Higson Charlie Higson is a well-known writer of screenplays and symopsis, including the phenomenally successful Young Bond series.

Characterization Ella started off as a little girl who wouldn’t contest what anyone else did, but later in the book she stands for what she believe’s in. Whilst the Holloway children continue on to the palace, Maxie develops a hatred for Sophie who has decided to join them along with her groupblaming her for Arran’s death.

In his mind, he says that he intends to kill and devour every single child in the city, stating that “He is Saint George. The Kid is locked in the same room as before underneath Matt’s warehousewhere he meets Wormwood, who is revealed to be a zombified father covered head to toe in mould earning him the nickname “The Green Man”with the ability to speak and communicate with other people a trait not seen in any other zombie except Saint George himself.

The Sacrifice (Higson novel) – Wikipedia

She reveals that they are all part of her xynopsis group. She explains that David locked her inside the medical bay in case she had met him before which she had and revealed to them what sort of a person he is. I read this in literally 2 days, and only 48 pages was read the first day. The series is set in London, Maybe more like 3.


He is mistaken for a zombie by a girl named Sophie Leader of a group of archers and she shoots him in the chest with a bow and arrow. Sam flees to Waitrose, where Callum explains that the other children left for Buckingham Palace. I’m used to the books in this series being structured in a certain way — a few chapters in one location, a few chapters from a different location, sometimes even a third location with its own group of characters chiming in.

The Fallen Reader Reviews Kids love to read and so in addition to our Lovereading expert review, some of our Lovereading4kids Reader Review Panel were also lucky enough to read and review the first hitson in the series, The Enemy. Now the sickos roam the streets, crazed and hungry for young flesh.

This is the sixth book in “The Enemy” series by Charlie Higson. This site uses cookies. Book 5 in particular was They released two singles on the Specials’ 2-Tone label. Characters such as “The Golden Twins” just irritate. Sam does however have some doubts as to whether he is doing the right thing. The problem is that these infected people feeds on warm flesh. She is now the new leader of the Waitrose children and struggles under the pressure of having responsibility for every kid in her group.

The story of Ella with The Hunter is excellently told and really engaging, but things take a turn for A step up from the previous entry, but still hujted some of the same failings. The more I read higwon series, the more I realise I was wrong to rate it 3. It’s been a really long time since I read the earlier books This is the happiest book of the entire series not even joking.

I’m so glad I waited until I could get the last book in my hot little hands before reading this one, because I knew I wasn’t going to want to wait, and that cliff-hanger did not disappoint.

The foreshadowing that Malik was going to be mistaken for a sicko and used during the gladiator battles was really obvious, but I mean that in thd good way — I was incredibly stressed out about my poor son, and I really did think he was going to die, based on Higson’s track record. This plague ate away at the host’s brain until only the most primitive instincts of mankind remained – to feed. The sudden-ness takes my breath away.