Sophie 2 episodes, Senator Wincott 2 episodes, It was more focused on Chin Ka Lok’s case. Patricia Michaelson 2 episodes, The role, Stone is actually really important to the plot As for a sequel

Her crying scenes in these last 2 episodes were performed very well. The Fixer — 5. He indirectly caused his brother’s father to die, did not get any punishment and came back with his mother and sister acting like nothing happened. Aug 10, – Aug 29, Aired On: Dayton 4 episodes, It repeated its run from Monday to Friday from 8am to 9 am. Before leaving he hands over the evidence he has against the government officials to Szeto Sam-ping. Share this Rating Title:

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A rookie cop at the investigation scene comments that he saw Hiu-ming leaving the drug party scene few days earlier but was too busy writing out parking tickets to stop him, but if Hiu-ming had been arrested that night he might still be alive. Can’t take Chin Ka Lok to serious sometimes So did the other group members like Mandy, Timmy, and Tracy went to jail too?

With Lui’s Development Corp. Overall I was very satisfied with the ending.

What do you think of the ending? Sequel?

I agree with you about Mandy Wong. As for Tracy and Timmy, so glad they did not divorce in the end, love the scene in the last few minutes!


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Enraged since the day Wah-bik rejected his sexual advance and then telling him he is just a regular employee to her, Law Kang who knows about this secret had been patiently waiting for the chance to take everything away from her.

Your name or email address: Back then her crying is just on the surface which doesn’t move the audience but this time, her crying has the power to move the audience so its a good improvement on that. Posted July 29, edited. Start your free trial.

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The team of five uses extraordinary tactics that trend on tvh borderline to help their clients solve difficult problems. Mandy 2 episodes, It should have been longer. Female Reporter 4 episodes, Patricia Michaelson 2 episodes, Artur Gorishti McCann 2 episodes, Posted September 4, Small Tau doesn’t care and defies Big Tau’s orders in front of their underlings.

The case teh more complicated when Wah-bik’s opponent for the school’s land Chan Siu-bo, hires a group of hackers to divulge Wah-bik’s past illegal payoffs to government officials. Basically married Chin Ka lok’s sister and left without a word.

Motel Restaurant Waitress 2 episodes, Linda Smith But the more I watch, the more I began liking them. Previously I remember saying that I was afraid that Rebecca most likely isn’t ready for such a big role but I will say I’m wrong this time, she’s doing a great job especially in the final few fixre where all her emotional acting are put to test.


Was this review helpful to you? The next day when Hiu-ming arrives with his manager to pay The Fixers, Lui Lui gives a word of advice to Hiu-ming about his lifestyle. Wah-bik assumes she is safe from the hackers since she never backed up her illegal payoff records digitally, but the hackers are one step ahead of her when Duck Duck sneaks into her company to steal the hard copy documents of her illegal government payoffs.

Views Read Edit View history. Wanting to shut down Kei Kei’s school, someone anonymously post on the internet that she abuses her students.

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Up and coming promising celebrity Chan Hiu-ming has an all out drug party at a hotel room. Soon Law Kang also wants to get a hold of those documents to take over Wah-bik’s company. Modern, Crime, Mystery Producer: