He complains at the lack of water before running to the left. After hurting the boss once, it’ll increase its battle tactics. Cotton Swab – Goal Completed! You’ll soon find a yellow rock. Lightly tapping A will result in a hop, while holding down A will result in a huge leap. Hop onto the first leaf on the side of the beam, then continue across the other three. Block Brunt’s incoming attacks, then retaliate with a three-hit combo of your own.

There is a ledge underneath the ramp we just walked over, and you should see a meteorite chunk on said ledge. You’ll feel a vibration indicating a meteorite chunk. As soon as you exit out to the open, the tunnel seals up. Time to evolve again, and as much as I hate to admit it, it looks like our creature could do with some improvements. The two dive into the watery hole to complete the level. Finally, ride the balloon to the top of the bathroom to find the jig saw blade.

Now when you shake the Wii Remote when using Sporekinesis, you will throw it. There is another meteorite in which you can get right now.

Spore: Galactic Adventures – Mission 11: Giant Land

Do you remember Spore? Drop down into the sewer and enter the drain pipe to encounter him. Since the mole doesn’t focus on you, killing it is diamlnd cinch. Minecraft Naughty Or Nice Trick! October 31, part Thinknoodles 4 years ago.

Anyways, this poor guy has been corrupted by Pester and can’t help himself. Cactos is being held prisoner in this next room. Go back down towards the entrance and look to the right. Use Sticky Hand to get up there, then hop across the gap to the left and flip the switch here at the dead end.


As unpleasant as it may sound, fall down into it. Hop over the railing and onto the pipe hugging the wall. Old King Mole will attack djamond hurling boulders your way. The next plug seems to be out of reach, but minecarh further inspection you can use Sticky Hand on the “VOTE” pin near the plug.

The last ability does not consume Spore Power. Since we don’t have any pieces to build a rocket, we can ignore the launch pad for now. Took quite some time and effort but I am super happy with the outcome: Jump on top sporf the raised cans and into the duct on the side of the wall. Doing so isn’t too difficult if you use rolling jumps.

Spore Hero Part 9 Mp3 Video Mp4 3gp | Mp3

The two gates back near the start of the level open up, but diajond have one stop before that. Look for a quarter on the far side of the wall. When facing off against enemies, blocking is essential to surviving. Time to evolve again, and as much as I hate to admit it, it looks like our creature could do with some improvements. When e;isode Jackalope is down, whack it a few times.

The land will never be the same when this creature arrives onto it.

Rainbow Tower Parkour Ep 1! Slay the beetle on the other side of the wall and exit the mine shaft via the overturned cans. When you reach the ledge, jump over and enter the hole.

Hmmmm, Cactos couldn’t have just like, punched the General into the lava? In the corner of the room past the doggy door is a container; break it open for a doorstopper. Cap glide over to it and continue down the tunnel, defeating the mice in the way. Don’t fall through the mesh just yet; examine the hole in the cabinet first. Basically anything that glows neon green will drop spore goo when hit. Continue to the other side of the box and climb up the walkway against the wall.


You’ll soon find a yellow rock. However for such a basic Spore creature, I wasn’t sure how to approach this Hop across the next two platforms and use Sticky Hand one final time to reach the base of another tunnel. Exit the freezer for now. There are several areas to explore after completing your first goal. If you miss it, you can glide onto the leaf between the box and the windowsill.

Make your way through and head to the left.

Jump to it, then hop to the leaf past it instead of the hole in the wall. If you fail to jump over it and the egg hits you, you will lose a point. Once the coast is clear, run underneath the black water heater it is across from the hole you came from.