She’s got a lot of responsibilities now though, with a crazy Kyle, and disorientated returned from the dead Madison, and that pesky Axeman was released back into the world. She is so amazing Well, she seems the ‘best’ of those left, but that’s only because of her recent display of leadership skills and badassery. Those reviews haven’t been fun without your Day XX of Clay being alive rants. Let alone, I think every episode live has been 90 minutes. Get that girl a iPod. Zoe tethers Kyle to the wall in Cordelia’s greenhouse, while she urges Misty to do what she can for Madison.

By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. Obviously, Madison should eventually remember who killed her and therefore Fiona should be killed. Meanwhile in modern day, Zoe was pawing through Madison’s things like an agitated racoon. Retrieved from ” https: But earlier during chemo she’d been openly praying that she could still find the love of her life someday, and it looked like she’d immediately gotten her hopes up over Axeman. It was another pretty strong episode. Marie Laveau IS the best.

Stevie’s voice deserves better. I also seemed bizarre that after all those accusations and torture Zoe turned around rview thought that someone else killed Madison. The witches stories though kind of out there all circle around the same area. Maybe I need to re-watch Marie Laveau’s speech though, because I don’t seem to have been moved as much as everyone else by it.

I don’t know what they were going for. Or had him be a part of the coven. Even though nothing quite dramatic happened like a lawn full of zombies finding out finally about Cordillera’s husband and the return of Madison more than made up for that.

As such she can do whatever she wants, and she does. I was bothered from the start with the Axeman shit Zoe’s decision making skills suck since chapter one, yeah I know that when it came to zombie attack she was AWESOME but apparently when it comes to dead people in general she just sucks.


Cordelia brushes against Hank and it leads to another vision of Hank’s infidelity. Another week, another terrible decision by Zoe – although, to be fair, her deal with The Axeman did revieww to the discovery of Madison’s body and her eventual gross-out resurrection. Yeah, I’m thinking if Zoe’s sexual power does fatal harm to the living, then the opposite might happen when she takes on the dead or undead. THAT is what’s wrong with me.


Kyle Spencer Lily Rabe He has been killing the witches axemqn the years. Well, it seems Zoe is going to be the new Supreme. But these kind of episodes, as mentioned, are also often mean to side track us. Zoe Taissa Farmiga rummages through Madison’s Emma Roberts items, and a bottle rolls to reveal a hidden compartment in the closet. His last words were “I have always been in love with you” spoken to Fiona immediately prior to using a razor to xaeman his own tongue.

The witches research the Axeman on the Internet and discover the diaries of the witches. Anyway, the Ouija-ing went about as well as you’d expect.


Marie demands that Hank bring her all the heads of the witches as soon as possible and to burn the school down, or she will kill him. Reluctantly, Misty agrees, initially assuming that Madison reviiew too far gone. Axemxn in modern day, Zoe was pawing through Madison’s things like an agitated racoon.

The letter being read aloud in the beginning? First of all she had a hard time finding her bed, and then she had a hard time swallowing pills and taking sips of water.

The girls hear her cries but are unable to get to her. He broke Stevie” Also who the heck blinded Cordelia??

First she brings Kyle back, considers euthanizing him with rat poison nice painful way to go then lets her Frankenstein’s monster run about the city. The way she was swinging that thing I was surprised she didn’t knock anything over.


Zoe continues alone, and the Axeman directs her to the attic via the board. Or when her Myrtle plant finally flowers? By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV.

Marie is awesome, though Nan is my favorite.

American Horror Story: Coven – “The Axeman Cometh” Review – IGN

Danny Huston guest stars as the Axeman. Since the show is meant to be a tributary collage to generations of horror and tragedy, real life atrocities often make their way into the mix for mini-arcs. This episode’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

Long Live the AHSc. Sure it’s about crazy murderers and weird shit that’s happening, but it’s also about people. Zoe arrives and says she is taking them both out of there. Seeing Huston’s portrayal of Axeman was fun.

It was nice to hear his voice!! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Granted it is a big house filled with numerous nooks and crannies but if couldn’t have taken that long. I tried my hand at doing my own screencaps this time, check em out here: Meanwhile Cordelia was having a rough evening.

And he also rightfully hates witches, as the Miss Robichaux class of which included Newsroom’s Grace Gummer all took turns stabbing him to death after luring him into their lair with opera music. All threads to be picked up next week. Angela Basset working with that Bastard!!