Accent trim wraps just above the cork and on each ferrule bring a little pop to this rods appearance. Fishing this rod is fun and it’s forgiving, although not nearly as poweful casting into the wind as the Sage ONE, G. Plenty of butt section power for fast and deliberate hook sets. You can easily high stick this rod all day without over tiring your arm, enabling you to get incredibly long and perfect drifts out of the drift boat. In spots like this, with the proper spey cast, an angler can effectively throw feet and beyond with ease. In this column you’ll find our recommended grain weight for the Airflo Skagit Scout lines when used by novice anglers who are still learning to spey cast. The least expensive of all the rods tested, the Echo Classic is a bargain for someone interested in learning how to use a two handed rod. The cork quality is decent, but there is no swell at the top of the cork handle, which looks a little odd.

Aluminium This rod is being sold as part of the Fishwest upgrade program and is being offered with our unbeatable 90 day money back guarantee. JG accidently dropped one and ran over part of it in his Dodge truck and it was fine. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items. Here is our pick for the best inexpensive rod and reel combo to swing with. The Aluminum anodized up-lock reel seat is not elaborate but functions well. It will be difficult to find red or gold as these reels are now discontinued. The grip is also thicker than most, while the tiptop is a little bit smaller than we like.

Tying supplies, and more— all with the expert advice you expect from. Some rods, like the G. You are still on the river, and the basic principles of casting still apply, but in the end, you have a lot to learn, or “re-learn” if you will. For the longer trout switch and spey rods that have heavier swing weights, the TFO helps balance the rod in your hand, eliminating more strain on your forearm muscles, especially when swinging.

General Casting Power – 20 points available. His expertise with this unique family of rods is well established within the two-handed rod community. Casts well in close, cast well at distance. Please contact us for shipping costs overseas before you bid.


This item comes with original rod sock and tube. You can always trade up later if you really enjoy swinging for trout. The plastic is still on the cork! TFO Deer Creek 13’6″ two-handed spey rod. If you can afford it then yes, of course. A cloth bag is included, but no hard rod tube.

TFO Deer Creek Series Switch Fly Rod 2-handed Medium Action 11ft – All Weights 4 | eBay

It might not shoot quite as well as monofilament, but it shoots well enough and tangles a lot less. The one thing 11f liked better about the Aetos was its lighter swing weight and feel.

Nymphing with a foot spey rod from the bank is a form of art that is frankly too difficult to learn for many anglers. We need your support! It is one of the single most underrated reels we’ve ever stocked. The reel utilizes 3 sealed ball bearings that are amazingly smooth and allow the creek to spin better than any other fly reel I can think of.

TFO Deer Creek Series Switch Rod – 4-piece 7 Weight 11ft | eBay

Learning to spey cast can be fun or frustrating, depending on the rod and line you start with. You really have to wait for this rod and let it do the work rather try to punch it or force it to work. swutch

Life is short, what else are you going to spend it on? This combination is incredible. This is especially important when swinging for Atlantic Salmon or steelhead when you may only see one hook up a week, but it is also nice when fishing for big browns and rainbows too.

Slight discoloration of the corkwork is the only indication that this rod has been fished. I took the average of these measurements and this figure became the swing weight. It was hard to pick the best economical outfit because the St. We have been doing business for 11tt 10 years. As a buyer you.

TFO Deer Creek Series Switch Rod – 4-piece 9 Weight 11ft

Castability in Wind – 20 points available. It is nice to have a little swell at the end of the fore handle grip. These leaders come with a perfection loop so you can easily loop the leader into the thinner end of the FLO tip.


The Beulah Onyx series blanks are finished in a dark smoke blue with blue wraps over ceramic stripper guides and chrome snake guides.

Light, fast, powerful, amazing. This is the same material we use in the but sectoins of our Saitch Butt leaders. In this column you’ll find our recommended grain weight for the Airflo Skagit Scout lines when used by novice anglers who are still learning to spey cast.

Preferences will change from one angler to the next but anywhere close to 4 inches feels about right.

This is the perfect length for spey casts, insanely light for mending and high sticking your swing, and can seriously launch a fly. Swing Weight – 10 and 20 points available. This rod is in excellent condition.

Most all the rods in the test use some type of ceramic lined SiC stripper guide as well. These tips have a thicker diameter and more mass than other tips, which translates to a smoother transition between your line and leader.

Temple Fork Fly Fishing Rods

If you happen to own one of these, consider yourself lucky! The IMX PRO blanks are finished in graphite grey with matching grey wraps over ceramic stripper guides and chrome single foot guides. To figure out your own favorite you should try them all. The quality of cork is very good, although the length of the foregrip seems longer than it needs to be. For those who appreciate a softer action, the R. Rods with more backbone in the butt and mid-section get high scores here, as they have the power required to really drive the hook into the fish’s mouth.

Give us a call at the shop anytime you want to talk rods regarding “regular” switch and spey rods. These come with welded loops for easy loop-to-loop connections.