Thanks for telling us about the problem. She displayed a maturity that her contemporaries often seem to miss. For instance, how could you be craving someones kiss after talking to them for a few seconds, not even a full conversation where names have yet to have been exchanged? But seriously it was awesome. With each passing day, the ocean’s pull is stronger and strong 4. The fresh spin on the mythology was really quite refreshing.

Watching Tempest grow and develop made the reader develop along with her. I loved the beauty of this book. May 11, Sarah Maddaford rated it liked it Shelves: She wants to use Tempest to her own advantage! Tempest Rising was a fascinating story written from Tempest’s point of view. To me, that aspect the novel was incredibly redundant. And that she has the guts to tell him up front and to make a decision before making out with the other guy. It was just amazingly perfect, it had everything I could have asked for in a mermaid book.

Both boys were definitely unique, I’ve yet to read a book with boys like this in it. There’s something about the realm of mermaids that has the potential to be gorgeous and beautifully written. But when the sexy and mysterious Kai is drug under the waves the choice may be taken from her.

All this made Tempest complex and meaningful, not just another cardboard cut-out of a character. I think it is probably not the author’s fault or the book’s. And it hasn’t all been beaten to the ground a hundred times, as seen with vamps, werewolves, angels and even faeries.

My peeps led me astray, so astray. Mark was the hot surfer boyfriend and Kai was fiom mysterious new guy with an indescribable connection with Tempest.

ves Nov 21, Gemma rated it it was ok. Her relationships with her family, friends, and lingering resentment about her mother take center stage. Then she’s back to kissing Kona and beyond the few mentions of Mark we all know the girl could care less about him. First off she just confesses to her long time boyfriend, and best friend, that she loves filk. It makes it very real, like in real life, it takes more than a soft smile and all is forgiven.


Tempest Rising

What started out like a cookie-cutter pressed mermaid story went in this whole other… well no, it went in the same direction as all of the cookie cutter mermaid stories go, but to be fair, it’s old enough for me to think that A it did it first and many that have come out since have been loose imitations and B meeeres had just enough of a twist to set it apart from tochtre. He isn’t what he seems, but we find out what he is and go with the flow.

After the slow dragging story in Part One, the book really fil, up speed and takes you for a fantastical ride underwater! Deebs made this challenge appear effortless with her creation of this novel that is packed full of suspense, Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs is the best mermaid novel that I have had the pleasure of reading.

I must have had way too many things going on at the time to undertake this book, which I tochfer for fun rather than for an official Luxury Reading or Simply Stacie review. But for me, the spine of a story is the protagonist, and when it’s a mermaid I want to fim her- to have somewhere to put my Ariel girl crush and Tempest just doesn’t do it for me.

And not just Mark’s character was shortchanged, so was Kona’s. She’s too wishy-washy and cranky, hates her mother solo much for abandoning her, and yet doesn’t even say good-bye to her own family after she does the same? Tempest Maguire loves her California coastline home.


In other words, the tocnter and other creatures world. Kona’s world is simply gorgeous, I felt transported under the sea.

As for the love interest sit was pretty tough to pick a side. I hoped not, because it totally sucked. Her mother makes it sound like Tempest can choose ttochter be human or a mermaid.

Insta-Love, cheating, pissing off and leaving a boyfriend behind for weeks, and then boom- one’s passionately in love with her and the other falls out of it in a nano-second. But we start a few years after Tempest’s mother has abandoned her human husband and three half-breed children, and now Tempest is looking down the barrel of her seventeenth birthday when ‘something’ becoming a mermaid instead of just a wannabe mermaid is imminent. The plot was fabulous.

Tempest Rising (Tempest, #1) by Tracy Deebs

And don’t even get me started on how everyone just accepted all of the odd goings-on in her life without giving her the third degree about them.

Tempest Rising 9 28 Jun 15, If mermaids can breed with humans, can mermen do this also? Oct 22, Kristi rated it liked it. I wasn’t happy with how the author treated Tempest’s relationship with Mark. Because knowledge is power.

First of all, this is the first YA mermaid book I’ve read. Filled with action, drama, and secrets, this book had no problem holding my attention throughout. It not only added to the story, but gave it a deeper meaning as well.

Tempest Rising was an awesome debut.