Click here for more Striker videos. Let us know about it if you attend. The performance received the highest group score for the semi-final round of the show. The dude surfing up the stage was pretty cool. A personal favorite of mine being from The Bay myself but they showed variety in their skills from the early stuff right through to the end. Beat Freaks updated with another video.

From Miamiheatis , here’s the full dance team in action last year: Obviously the Miami Heat Dance Team is not typical hiphop and the squad is working the sex angle. It’s going to be hard to top last year’s though.. They won’t have this for the season. Karen — email me bloggingbestdancecrew gmail. The info on it checks out.

America’s Best Dance Crew – Season 2: Posted by NancyT at 7: It’s going to be a pretty interesting season though Oh, and this season will be a bit disappointing because super awesome hotness will not be on there, otherwise known as Fysh n’ Chick’s Taeko. Posted by NancyT at 6: Definitely a dark horse to advance deep.

“ABDC 3” — Team Millennia, Week 1 – video dailymotion

Obviously the Miami Heat Dance Abxc is not typical hiphop and the squad is working the sex angle. Fanny Pak and Kaba Modern were eventually selected to compete against each other at the preshow. The ratings must have been through the roof and there’s good evidence for that, as apparently there were over 1. My friend was on this show last year, from BreakSk8.

Up and down west coast feeling. Boxcuttuhz Seasson Season 3 Crew: We just got Kaba Modern up here at an auto show, but that’s about it. Oct 9, 0 0 California.


Ya they have dance skills, but as I think Lil’ Mama said, they are very reminiscent seaosn a basketball cheer dance squad. Apr 11, 0 0. Click here to watch videos of Dynamic Edition performances in and tewm The live auditions special determined the ten spots for the season premiere.

Definitely see a better chance of them advancing than Sass X7. The last seven crews, dating back to Iconic’s elimination were all extremely tight with their choreography and had very distinct styles. Dynamic Edition hails from Springfield, Alabama.

America’s Best Dance Crew – Season 2: Thread of MOLTEN HOT.

The two finalists were given one last chance to perform before the lines opened for the final voting session of the season. The live auditions special took place on June 7, The crew is the seven time national clogging team champion and part of a larger group called Dynamic Dance. The crews were given remixed versions of the songs from their respective movies. Here’s the video from Mrmoyut: Beat Freaks is an all-girl crew from California.

Make sure you include your email address in the proper field in the comments not in the comment itself ; we won’t share or use the emails for any millenia purposes. Don’t know if it was choreographed, sason he was checking his position. Quite a few of the groups this season look to be a bit “watered down” versions of some of the first season’s crews, sezson then again that’s only after one viewing and just my gut reaction.

Those cheerleaders from Jersey have GOT to go the first episode. Sassx7 is straight garbage. I am Wayne Brady.

Flexing; “the contortionists and freak show” The Strikers – Steppers; “the intelligent university step crew from Florida” Team Millennia – hip hop choreography; “combining hip hop with rock and roll”.


MTV received thousands of petitions to get Team Millenia back on the show. Contact them at myspace. I’m always surprised at how weak the East is.

To watch the video legally, click hereselect Episode watch one ad and then immediately select Channel 11 from the menu at the lower left screen watch another ad then you’re in the Groovaloos segment. They need to go.

“ABDC 3” — Team Millennia, Week 1

Super Cr3w Hosts Broadcasts of ” Status Not open for further replies. Posted by NancyT at 4: For more TM info: I can see them getting support from both coasts since they are from the east, but there was a west coast vibe to it. The Fly Khicks are a 6-woman crew from Miami. Dynamic Edition Randy Jackson Interview on the new season: The other two were concerned with popularity.

Jun 7, 1, 0 0. Ya know, they want something different. Or, that’s the logic behind it I suppose. The West’s eliminated group, Team Millennium, were better in their performance than all three of the East crews without a doubt.

The second season looks to be a little bit disappointing after the open auditions. Jan 26, 13, 0 0. Feb 11, 7, 0 0. I just saw the ad on MTV announcing the crews.

Jun 22, 4, 0 0 Califas. Forums Discussions Off-Topic Discussion.