Get ready for a fortune of fun with DuckTales! Baloo and Kit find themselves flirting with destiny as they encounter an Idol of Doom and El Gato, a villain who wants the idol for himself. Trouble is, Baloo’s crude, unrefined behavior causes problems, but he then has to save the day when the Spruce Moose is hijacked and then crashes. There’s some debate about whether it’s “cool deduction” or “bold deduction. The longest one is the rarely heard full version in the video above, which includes a guitar solo, a fadeout ending, and an additional verse:. Concerned for Baloo as his friend, Rebecca learns that the “accidents” on Kitten’s set are no accidents. Baloo takes advantage of this to team up with Louie to start their own pizza delivery business, but things quickly spiral out of control as they get the attention of the Health Department. Episodes 1 through 4″.

Meanwhile, Colonel Spigot is instructed to fly a plane but doesn’t know how, and Baloo offers to teach him if he will complete the delivery for him. The move causes havoc as Higher for Hire attempts to deliver a block of ice to a wealthy desert prince. Walt Disney Animation Japan, Inc. Bringing Up Baby Animation: Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers. In the series premiere , Baloo, an air cargo pilot, meets Kit Cloudkicker, a year-old orphan , and takes him on as his navigator. There’s the one most people are familiar with:

Wildcat’s love of animals shows itself when he befriends several small, furry creatures. Desperate to attend a reunion for a grade school from which he never graduatedBaloo goes back to school to earn his degree in time for the reunion.

Molly becomes a surrogate mother to a flying creature that becomes large when it gets wet and small when it dries. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Baloo finds the legendary “Panda-La” a reference to Shangri-Laa mystical place, where he is warmly received. Tlaespin majority of the series and storylines are individualistic and bear little significance in talfspin order they are aired. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When Baloo is late one too many times with his deliveries, Rebecca makes him fly a guided tour, going past certain checkpoints at designated times.


Select episodes were first aired on The Disney Channel in the spring ofas a preview for the series; these episodes’ Disney Channel airdates are given separately. Rebecca chides Baloo over being too gullible, but herself ends up being the gullible one when she helps a “spy” deliver a package.

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Baloo is starstruck when he meets film star Kitten Kaboodle, and immediately signs on as her stunt pilot. Thus the era of Donald as a deadbeat duck dad begins.

Baloo and company visit one of Shere Khan’s mining operations, which is overseen by a sheriff who mistreats the workers. The following is an dpisode list for the Disney animated television series TaleSpin. Covington, a notorious jewel thief, hides a valuable item in the Sea Duck. With a flip of her fins, she explores the mysterious fathoms below and helps any creature along the way.

List of TaleSpin characters. Though he began life as a cantankerous old misanthrope in the story ‘Christmas on Bear Mountain,’ he quickly evolved into the adventurous old duck we know elisode love.

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Don Karnage Title reference: Trader Moe Title reference: The longest one is the rarely heard full version in the video above, which includes a guitar solo, a fadeout ending, and an additional verse:. Your Baloo’s in the Mail. The Ransom of Red Chief Absent: After Kit gets into an argument with Baloo about taking unnecessary risks, he runs away to join an air circus led by Daring Dan Dawson.


Everyone who’s ever episod it — even just once — knows the ‘DuckTales’ theme song.

Speaking of Huey, Dewey, and Louie, did you ever wonder which nephew is which? The animals, however, are wearing radio control collars, which when activated causes them to take anything mechanical apart The basic premise of ‘DuckTales,’ along with many of the characters, locations, and concepts from the show, are straight out of the Barks’ comics.

Baloo decides to enter an air scavenger hunt, but talespon an all-female aviation club will sponsor Higher for Hire, so he disguises himself as a lady to do so. In this two-part episode, Baloo gets an award from Shere Khan for being “the best pilot in the world. The reception, however, turns out to be a ruse, as Panda-La’s inhabitants decide to attack Cape Suzette.

The worst of messes become successes! This becomes more difficult when she has to protect the creature from the bloodthirsty poacher MacKnee.

Baloo has to evade air pirates, get the Talewpin Duck back, and find out who this mysterious pilot really is.

Bringing Up Baby Animation: When a debonair ghost ship captain sweeps Rebecca off her feet, she enjoys what she thinks is a dream.