Do you want to give me a ring when you are free; I know how busy you get! They looked at each other in horror but tried not to make a fuss. After the nurse had cleaned the wound, Misu administered a local anaesthetic to the area then carefully put three stitches in the deep cut. Takumi explains that Misu is sleeping and remarks that maybe Misu hasn’t been getting enough sleep lately. A little longer holding on to the one he could trust. Haven’t you been seeing each other?

He quickly tried to wriggle free, but the arm kept him secure, and he was finding it hard to breathe! Instead he found the boy leaning over the desk looking through his biology book and writing notes. He knew he had to let them all know what had happened. You forgot Gii I think! Toshi’s name was soon called, and he went through to the cubicle. I guess I really can’t, after all. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Toji is a popular high school boy who is easy to get, but difficult to keep.

Will they still be able to spend it happily? Your review has been posted. Sagara was equally surprised to see them and stopped to speak to them.

Start your free trial. The nurse helped Toshi to sit up, and after thanking her and Misu, he went outside to where Shingyouji was waiting anxiously for him. It’s been nice seeing you both again, perhaps we could all have a get-together soon? Hidamari ga kikoeru He watches Misu’s back as Misu exits the room. What does he mean? I’ve decided that I have to be strong. Eventually the tears stopped and Shingyouji gently stroked Toshi’s hair back from his face.

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No Touching at All Officer Kato offered to take Toshi to the Hospital, but Shingyouji assured her he would be able to take him. The friends all gathered around one of the tables, and Takumi brought over their coffees and joined them. Misu fingers the fabric of the shirt and tells Shingyouji to wear it when they go out on a date over the summer break. I wonder how that’s written.


It’s close to the day of his older The following day, Saturday, we find our hero title character Takumi dragging cute little Puppy-chan Shingyouji and I shall occasionally refer to him by that name from now on to the lounge by the hem of his shirt “What the heck, Hayama-san, I’m not going to escape to anywhere I didn’t ask to hear your name, did I?

Takumi glanced up as the shingyouii opened and smiled when he saw Toshi and Ryoma-san. As a result, he was tired and sleepy during the exam the next day. The warmth of his hand is the last prod over the edge of loneliness, and Shingyouji starts crying. Shingyouji stumbled a little as he was dragged along. Misu is in his third year and is roommates with Takumi.

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Officer Kato was concerned when Toshi told her about the wound in his side, and when she looked at it, she agreed with Shingyouji that he should go to the Hospital and have it looked at properly. Puppy-chan’s reason is that Misu might just get mad at him again if he drops by when Misu’s shinyouji feeling sick, that he probably wouldn’t appreciate Shingyouji hounding him needlessly.

Shingyouji put his arm around Toshi’s shoulders. I wasn’t blaming you for anything, honest! He once more brushed some hair from the boy’s face. He could feel Shingyouji’s quickened breathing, his hurried heartbeat and hear the little groans that rumbled in his throat.

Inspired by a sudden bout of insanity that I’m sure was planted in him by a year and a half of dating Gii and stupidly choosing Akaike as his confidante, Takumi then says that he and Shingyouji should go on a date the following afternoon, Sunday, since they have some free time. And just below his jaw, he spoke again. It should be noted I am an American who doesn’t always know the correct titles, how the schools exactly work, nor, sadly, the language.


The passerby was also worried, but after thanking him and Ryoma-san he told them he was okay, and would get home now. Takumi goes back to his room from violin practice to find Shingyouji fast asleep in Misu’s bed.

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Takumi gets annoyed and leaves. You’re really attached to him. He will date anyone who asks him on a Monday, but is done with the person by the end of the week. Shinyouji Officers then left to go and speak to Ryoma-san and told Toshi they would keep him informed of any progress in the case.

After the lunch-time rush was over Takumi was able to find time to run upstairs to check up on his friends. Thanks again Misu, and don’t forget to ring soon! Edit Storyline Another school year is starting. Here’s our sandwich order as usual, ah, and I see Toshi has our coffee order ready as well! The purple tie was still wrapped around Shingyouji’s neck. Sotus TV Series You told me I should dash to the bus station after I ate!!

And he has a very “hrmm Where will it end? Misu notes with dry amusement that he’s like a kid who hasn’t eaten takuni days and asks if Shingyouji can even still taste the food, what with how fast he’s gulping it down.

The group consists of mostly third years, with the freshman Misu being the sole exception. Misu stepped backwards pulling the tie and boy with him. He thinks it’s just nerves, and that he’s conscious about looking Misu in the eye because Misu was the only one who saw his “cunning” crazy Japanese and their abuse of English