Let’s go, come on. Adam, you be the firee That doesn’t make much sense, kinda the Top Gun. Gather round to see the freak show. Let’s calm our jets. Okay, look she is fired, okay? I’m gonna go ahead and make a grand entrance. It smells terrible, Blake.

Ders, she’s not a sex doll because none of us are having sex with it. So if you wanna keep your jobs, you might wanna go get on those pajamas. We’ll put some red pants on this situation. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I don’t think you want to say that, actually. Thanks for this apron, man.

Workaholics s02e06 Episode Script

Go switch tops and then get me a cup of coffee and a neti pot. Right, but I went anyway. You’re going to be fired. My jets are calm.

The three write the majority of the show I wrote more about this in an earlier post. You should fire some other dummy.

I mean, why would she send me to that leadership conference to see Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger speak? Jillian, how many times have I saved your life, hmm?

Fine, you know what? Although I never noticed the connection until now, I would have to agree that the shows follow a similar storyline technique.


PaulQApr 15, Not in the office. Did you just I have to go to workaholic room. Super man It’s just doesn’t right, you know. Okay, look she is fired, okay? She’s not a sex doll.

Workaholics | Take it sleazy

I didn’t know what happened, really. This is why I should’ve been left in charge ’cause all the stuff out there wouldn’t be skeazy right now ’cause I’m a born leader. One more toss and that’s it. Like the real Rudy.

take it sleazy

Now were closing this. Workaholics follows a three-act-story structure.

I just talk to hear myself think. Hey, why don’t we Why don’t we go take that group photo now? Jillian, go ahead and give this guy a cigarette, ’cause I’m about to light him up.

Are you out of your mind? Wait, we haven’t figured out the pajama thing. And besides that, I’ve been fired from a lot of jobs before All right.

Workaholics s02e06 Episode Script | SS

episkde You fire me, I’ll kill you and everybody in here. The premise of Workaholics is pretty simple.

It’s like this synthetic wool or something. Once they hear that news, everybody will relax, they’ll go back to work, we’ll be good takd glow. If any of you have any questions or concerns, Jillian is gonna be my eyes and my ears for the rest of the day.


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We need to go calm the herd ASAP, right? Plain potato chips, really? Listen, I’m armed and I’ve got aids, so it’s not worth it. Takd, we can’t hear you, babe.

You gotta, you gotta be fresh Fuck! As open ended as Workaholics appears to be it does follow a certain structure.

I think that everyone enjoys watching sows that the can relate to and I find this east to do with both Seinfeld and Workaholics.

Okay, eposode, corporate hasn’t even sent me the names yet. Jillian, don’t be closing the door in my face, woman! Let’s get to it. And I’m killing myself. But going through your bossy shit.