Here comes the water. How silly is it to fall down while doing a marathon? You have only been looking at him from afar and never even talked to him? Like we did before. The character design I got showed a corgi. Well, you shall entrust yourself to pleasure.

I took on this human vessel to become an immortal. It would sooner be easier to turn you into something else than a human. The concept of the CD is abuse after all. I had fun doing it. I got angry before because I care about you. These things happen because you are spacing out. Tachibana Shinnosuke — Eh? The character design I got showed a corgi.

Now, slowly go down. I seriously love you. Are you not going to go in? Even though you like being teased like this. Can you feel it? If I were to shake your head, it would probably shinmosuke sounds like clip-clop.

(Translation) Otona Kareshi After – Black [+ – June’s otome CD Translations

It took me by surprise. You usually come immediately wagging your tail. Let me see too. Notify me of new comments via email.

[TL] Ai Aru Batou!! Drama CD vol. 01

Whenever I see you working hard on a working plan, it makes me happy. I know, whatever I do to you surely will feel good. You are already mine. Um…six- the person who loses will have to get a punishment. Even yesterday when the two of you were having a meeting, he grinned at me when he caught my shimnosuke. You have piqued my interest, so I got a little excited.


I want to feel good with you. Shinbosuke kind of man is the one you are talking about? You wll sleep with me now. Then who are you looking at? You shall feel proud that I want you! Tachibana Shinnosuke — Hahaha… Yasumoto Hiroki: Do you realize it yourself? Uh, raise your arms higher.

Then, this is the contract. I will give you something to eat now. Come, entrust your body to me obediently. Then, where else do you want it? Your legs are giving in. Why do your brother still remember you, though?

Is this the best you can do? Whoa, if this was R18, Fachibana believe do-M gals out there would like it very much! Both the floor and the walls are wet through! Of course, now that you are mine, I will keep that beauty of yours.

That means you are a special human for me. Having someone wash your hair feels nice, right?

Shinnosukf honestly liked this more than the other one for many reasons. Or do you prefer I put in my fingers? We devote ourselves to those with great power.

  AMMA EPISODE 12-11-14

It means to be foul-mouthed, to speak badly to someone, to abuse them. I and him were incredibly worried. That is the obvious answer. Were you interested in it because I always play with it?

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I know, but you can just sleep and shower tomorrow. However, their sense of touch, eyesight, temperature, and feelings are essential for them to keep alive.

First, I shall seal those lips that talk insolence. And here, we should change our tachiabna of thinking. Are you reflecting a bit on your actions? I found another called Oujisama no Neko.

Not a partner which could shake up my heart. Your complexion also seems slightly better now. Or are tachibaha doing it on purpose by any chance? No matter gentle or rough, I will love you. After drinking it, you can settle down and get some sleep.