Thank you so much, Mr and Mrs Dave. Who wrote this absent note? There’s a sharp mind here spinning a thousand colourful dreams. Sir, I’d like to speak to you about a student. Like a balm that soothes pain. The rest of you, look into your books. Now add five to that. Take one and pass the rest.

I’m asking about his problem, you’re telling me his symptoms. Come back fast, eh? But the children in this school are not like those other ones. You’ll be shown your place by the kids. Would you read this, please, Mr Awasthi? We have tamed many a wild horse out here.

Just look after him. Or does he just wet his ful, and pretend to be clean? Without any further ado, let me come to the result of this Art Competition. Doesn’t pay any attention whatsoever.

Friends, today I’m going to tell you all a story. They’re just kids, sir, what do you expect?


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Swing-a-long, shake a leg Let’s have lots of fun! Minu Patel, sit down. Ever thought of fulo I’m really going to miss you a lot at the finals, Inu.

Kewal Talwar, 23 out of Come back fast, eh? Mahavir Sinha, 1 9 out of Knowledge is knowledge, oral or written. You could have met with an accident or got kidnapped.

Sometimes with dyslexia, children can have other problems. To give expression to our innermost thoughts and feelings. No options, he says.


What’s up with you? Publish any text You can upload anything that interests you.

Ishaan can’t onlinee that word perhaps, therefore can’t understand it. Kids, what do you think of my painting? Maths, grammar and what a painter! Where were you, huh? Saw myself in a mirror after many years.

The answer to 3 into 9 is 3! Every day the school, the neighbours I topped in all the subjects, Mum. Inu, talk to me. No one’s going to stop you here. At boarding school they’ll straighten you out! Am I so bad?


I teach him myself. Drab, dull colours find their way onto the paper.

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Now, his spirit too has been crushed out there. Actually, both their paintings are even more terrible than mine, sir! Come here, right now!