Gon prevents him from killing a Fox-bear cub, and the man tells him about the Hunter Exam. Hisoka kills Geretta easily and returns both badges: Edward Cullen’s Christmases past beginning in How is he supposed to protect Bella from those wishing to take her? She wants to know sin and passion in his arms. Anne Boleyn and Henry have to deal with the rebellion against the religious reforms, and the great tragedy befalls the nation.

Isabella by suitablyironicmoniker reviews In the Cornish countryside of England, a foreign visitor brings Isabella to reconsider the inexplicable occurrences she had always taken for granted. After that, Hisoka fights with his full power. The next fight is between Hanzo and Gon. The girls vow to lose their virginity by prom night. Hanzo is easily the better fighter, but when Gon won’t concede, Hanzo is forced to accept defeat. Some assassins battle Chrollo but in vain. After 20 days they are able to open the gate themselves, and they start walking through the grounds towards the house. Gon, Leorio and Kurapika stay in the Zoldyck family’s servants’ quarters at the security guards behest.

Sunbathing in December by fantheflames reviews Edward returns from a trip to a surprisingly empty house. When Edward comes back in New Moon, Bella’s not so sure she can trust him.

Can Edward control himself when she is forced to spends the night at his house? Amogis oneshot continuing the second fade to black during the honeymoon.

wanj Phantom of the Opera – Rated: Can love blossom when the heart is otherwise engaged? On a whim she decides to write Sergeant Masen a letter. So here it wannn. I did not intend on re-writing chap 20, it just happened to fit well there, I love chap 20 and wouldn’t change it, but I had fun writing this Twilight – Rated: Leorio takes Ponzu’s number badge while she sleeps and Gon retrieves the number badges given to him by Hisoka, reasoning that it’s OK to use them so that he can remain with his friends.

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Entry for the Age of Edward Contest. Later, he plays at being an examiner and kills many examinees. Now they have money to pay for information, and Amkris calls them to tell that two Phantom Troupe members are located in the city. Cam makes Daniel a little jealous, Luce gives him a piece of her mind about being hot-and-cold and assuming she’s a stalker and a date gets arranged. Wznn stays to treat the husband’s wounds as Gon and Kurapika help the wife.


Will she learn to hate him or love him? Can you forgive me? She’s given as a slave-gift to the barbarian king to do as he pleases with her. The first thing she episore as she comes back to the world is a pair of green eyes—her doctor’s eyes. Killua remembers that his father once was paid to kill a Phantom Troupe member: Mafia hires several professional assassins, including Silva and Zeno from the Zoldyck family.

Will Bella see it through? A marriage made in heaven, right? Is their forever love truly over, or are things not quite as they seem. But all hell breaks loose when he spisode on a student. As predicaments change and situations become harder, will their fate still be destined?

He finds her in a cave, but is poisoned by snakes. Amazing by sheviking reviews Birthday one-shot for my beta, Melanie.

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The Gap On Page 85 by sweetseverus reviews Two-shot so far. What happens when desire outweighs destiny?

And will Edward ever be able to look at his piano the same way again? But whenever she looks at Leon, she never sees any sign of fear or weakness.

Addicted by Exactlyamanda reviews Luna was a good girl, Lysander ever swwet gentleman Edward’s a Nazi and Bella’s a Jew, how will they be able to overcome the predjudice? Yeah, you’re that guy that I’d be stupid to trust. Leorio is also intent on taking the exam, and they take down a cruel animal show. Gon and Killua master their Nen abilities and show them in perfection against matches aweet the other two guys that Killua talked to. May I by wanm reviews A game children use to play that Professor Masen now wants to play with Bella.


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On the day he had planned to confess his feelings, she ran into a terrible car accident and ended up in a Coma. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat When choice threatens to overpower the bond of an imprint? Having no client, the professional assassins have no reason to fight and just leave. Kurapika is shown looking for work, and being turned down. Rated T for theme,full summary inside. That was before President Kennedy was shot, before the Beatles came, and I thought I’d never find a guy as great as my dad.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians – Rated: He initially beats up Gon, but Gon learns to use his Zetsu to sense the tops and avoid them. Can love overcome religion and the duty one must serve for their country?

This story is baby-free. The Viking’s Woman by LifeInkognito reviews When her Irish Kingdom is attacked, Isabella is left with no choice but to marry the barbaric Viking Chieftain in order to protect her people. For the SMC contest. Coming Home by Little Miss Whitlock reviews Bella wakes up one morning to find a newspaper article that turns her world upside down.

All the protagonists now have their points except for Leorio, who goes looking for his target Ponzu. Release Me by meliz reviews Her soul was bound to one man, while her heart belonged to another. Rated M for the usual reasons. Then one day, he hears her voice on a public payphone in restaurant and it sets him on a path of a relentless obsession to seek answers from the one love that broke him.