I’ll do what I can. Preteen Emma Nicolas Ouellette It is a young woman named Emma, and she tells him she’s in trouble and that, as her father, he’s the only one who can help her. Meanwhile, Emma has continued to age rapidly, and she and a group of young girls are being initiated into the tribe of Harmonia. I seriously doubt she said that. Dean decides to keep them under surveillance. Charlene Penn Jill Teed Meanwhile Sam discovers that the symbol is relative to Amazon warriors and they can reproduce in 36 hours.

This episode was directed by first time director, Supernatural’ s production designer Jerry Wanek. It was during the filming of this episode in the UBC Chemistry Building standing in for the Anthropology Department, on 1st December , that Jared and Jensen filmed their pantless encouragement to fans to keep voting in the People’s Choice Awards. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. As he goes through the latest victim’s belongings, he finds a receipt for the Cobalt Room, and Eddie confirms that one of the other victims went there, as well. Sam and Dean go up against the Amazons as they go on a killing spree. A pattern among the victims is that they all had flings with unknown women just before they were murdered. Interview done with Alexia when she filmed 1. The coroner tells that the DNA of the killer is not human.

His files are set up like his brain. I know Bobby’s got a Grecian encyclopedia of weird in here. There was no playpens, no blankets, no rubber ducks. Let’s get this done. Once Sam learns the truth, he rushes out of the professor’s office and tries to call Dean, but is stopped by Detective Charlene, who throws him across the hall and then unsheathes her own blade.


Use the HTML below. At the crime supernatugal, Sam examines the latest victim. Dean wants to focus on Dick Romanbut Sam reminds him that they don’t have any leads and that they may as well stay busy. They’re still discussing it when Professor Morrison calls them in to explain that the symbol carved on the victims’ chests is a variation of a Greek symbol found on the temple of the goddess Harmonia. Preteen Emma Nicolas Ouellette You’re just as screwed up as I am, you’re just The scene where the Amazon girls are branded while being forced superatural remain silent is very similar to a scene from the movie The Skulls II.

Once he’s alone, Dean hears a knock on the door.

Things become complicated when Dean meets and goes home with a woman he met at a bar. Full Cast and Crew. The Slice Girls 03 Feb 8. All are young, successful men who frequented the same bar.

Sam’s own research uncovers that the Amazons eventually made a bargain with Harmonia that turned them into monsters. Retrieved from ” http: Now, I don’t care how you deal.

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All of the victims so far have been good-looking, successful men sunopsis their thirties. I really, really don’t. Edit Storyline Dean and Sam travel to Seattle to investigate four cases where the victims were well-succeeded handsome men that had hands and feet severed and a symbol carved on their chests.

Here’s the mother ship. Charlene Penn Jill Teed As the final part of their initiation, the Skulls’ symbol is branded onto their wrists during which they are not allowed to show pain.


In the movie, several college students have been chosen to join an elite group known as The Skulls. The coroner tells that the DNA of the killer is not human. Sam thinks it’s amusing that Dean is being blown off, but it turns out that Lydia is busy. Sam confirms this with Charlene and then asks if he can see the cold cases that Eddie has on file. Charlene Penn asks why the FBI is involved, and Eddie conjectures that the cold cases across state lines are what triggered the federal investigation.

She seems impressed, and they head back to her house and have sex.

Tweets from Supernatural producer Jim Michaels during the episode. He has five sons, all of them named George: But I was very close with him and I’d hate to lose it. That night Dean tells Sam about all the strange things he’s seen at Lydia’s house, but Sam isn’t convinced that she’s culpable.

7.13 The Slice Girls

You know, George Foreman named all his sons George. Season 7 Episode Keep track of everything you watch; tell supernwtural friends. He has a system. Sam fills him on what he’s learned: