Does He have continuing affection for Me? He is the lamp that brightens the Raghu Kulam. The proof of its efficacy can well be within your personal experience! They switched their pitch thereafter and tried to persuade SeethA Devi to consider “the excellent proposal” of their king with favor by praising the kulam, Iswaryam and veeryam of RaavaNan and expressed dismay that SeehtA PirAtti would summarily reject the invitation of RaavaNan to become his principal wife. The whole group jumped up in the sky to reach the aasthAnam of their King, where Raama and LakshmaNa were impatiently waiting. This will help us make recommendations and send discounts and sale information at times.

Your Raaman is not equal to me in tapas, strength, valor, material wealth, lustre or reputation! In KrishNa avatArA, he did try but the story shows that he did not succeed in his mission when he went as sadagopan. I have heard the Raama Kathaa now and understood its meaning: Share our website with your friends. These traits are essential to achieve success in every project one undertakes. Hanuman Spoils the ASoka Gardens. HanumAn used the opportunity of parade through the streets of LankA to collect additional information about the defenses of LankA. Thereafter, AanjanEya went to his mother to narrate the incident.

Sundarakanda (A Beautiful Story of Hanuman’s Success)

Your days of sorrow are over! Does this mean that the other parts of the epic are not beautiful? She hit HanUmAn to stop Him.


Ravana Expresses His Love fo r Sita. He is ParamjyOthi, the lustre of all lustres.

Sundara Kandam.. Jai Ram | A Condensed English translation of Valmiki Ramayanam – Sundara kandam

Ravana Come s To the Asoka Garden. In the ensuing battle, HanumAn moved deftly to escape the sharp arrows of Indhrajith.

Valmeeki described SeethA Devi’s pitiable plight this way: I offer my salutations to that nightingale with the name of Vaalmiki, which climbed on to the branch of poetry and sings with delectable music, the sacred name of Raamaa. SEshO lakshmaNa ucyatE sadagopan. So too is the case of any name. She responded and identified Herself as the dharma pathni of Lord Raamachandra of AyOddhi and gave additional particulars about Herself.

The work depicts the adventures of Hanuman and his selflessness, strength, and devotion to Rama are emphasized in the text. Thus, the Devas vied with each other in blessing the child. Tension was building up in a crescendo moment by moment.

Therefore He is Raaman, priyan for RaamA: He thought about taking His own life, if He failed in His extensive efforts. Sargams SlOkams Day 4: What could be more beautiful than tales of the Lord and accounts of His handsomeness, valor, majesty, generosity and boundless compassion?

The gems from his crown fell down. Hanuman reassures her, giving Rama’s signet ring as a sign of good faith.


Please do not entertain any doubts about the power of the chieftains of the monkeys. For apachArams performed to Lord Raamachandra with or without eisode, the 38th Sargam is recited, where the most merciful Lord pardons the KaakAsuran, who fell at His sacred feet.


T rijata ‘ s Dream 73 Chapter She dreamt also about the city of LankA being burnt sundarakandak a monkey. HanumAn’s vadham of the five commander-in-chifs Sargam 46 7. Sita Dev i ‘s Courageous Reply to Ravana.

Sundara Kanda

He salutes the vaibhavam of SrI Raama Naamam this way: We will now study selected slOkams from each of these five Sargams and provide a summary of these sadagopan. She described that She is inseparable from Her Lord just as the lustre of Sun is never separated from the Sun.

What one can achieve by epsode remembrance of Hanumaan is portrayed in the following SlOka: He descended from SrI sadagopan. Hanuman Fights with Jambumalini Chapter RaavaNan tells SeethA PirAti that Her youth should not be wasted Youanam vyathivarthatE and that the youth will not return just as the water that has flown by in previous years.

Vibhishana recognizes Hanuman as a devoted Ram Bhakt Devotee. Raama naama Sukhi yevarO?