Which shows that the bastards who are hosting the channel are gaining the Jew Gold from all of the speedrunners busting their asses to make the speedruns. Just like all of the money-hungry Jews, they place ads on their streams. Also for the novelty of him being black. While I do agree that constantly repeating a loud and obnoxious sound isn’t funny, that’s a pretty rough thing to say during an event watched by tens of thousands of people, including young kids. Following SGDQ the dark lord struck against Caveman from the safety of his mother’s basement literally. The speedruns themselves are a rough demonstration of the fastest humanly possible way to beat the game.

Well, there is a website. Popular in the Community. Goes to show how mature the fan-base really is. Either way, the results are the same: Give the spotlight to the runner. While the event is a major highlight of many gamers’ summers, it’s not all smiles and laughs.

Speed Demos Archive

The Games Done Quick events have been some of the best or worst? Here’s the raw, unedited visuals of that day. It sounds as if the reality slowly sinks in while he’s reading it, too. Because at least the players actually play the game how it’s suppose to be played.

What you see in this clip is what you get. During AGDQwhich was a very small and personal event as you can seea female audience member interrupted Runnerguy’s run, as he’s wearing full Link cosplay, to let us know that she’s been knitting the entire time in memory of her grandmother that died of cancer. Just like all of the money-hungry Jews, they place ads on their streams.

The people who are watching him are also fucked up go figure ; every time BlueGlass opens his fucking mouth, they scream in the chat ” YSG!!!!! Even Let’s Plays are more impressive than these horrible excuses of speedruns. Which shows that the bastards who are hosting the channel are gaining the Jew Gold from all of the speedrunners busting their asses to make the speedruns.


So if they do manage to beat the time, at least they have something to feel proud of after the amount of time he wasted. But instead of dropping the fucking controller and realizing how much time you are wasting, they insist to keep on speedrunning the same games over and over again.

Because everyone would rather watch a mediocre personal record than the world record, right? Goes to show how mature the fan-base really is. To compensate the boredom and the wasted time, they get a false feeling of a world record if they actually beat the record. Following this the dark lord attempted to rebuild his empire and eReputation by becoming an official speedrunner too, resulting in continuous defeats for the autismic prince, including getting bitchslapped by his mom, verbally, on stream and getting pizza raidedmuch to the relief of a random guy who escaped his autistic clutches.

The dark wizard Chibi cast his spell of annoyance and distraction across the entire room until Caveman had enough; with one phrase he shut down the sorcerer and ruined his life; “I would really prefer if you would be quiet. He treats his fans like they’re a pile of trash, despite the fact that they actually do of the attributes of a pile of trash.

Good luck with everything in the future, and I hope things work out for you in life. Maybe he should’ve brought the moon collar with him.

The videos are played on their original console and the administrator requests a recording of the nerd playing the game with his shit-stained hands to ensure that the bastard didn’t cheat. Popular in the Community. It’s good to have commentary, but you’ve got to know when people don’t want to hear your thoughts and opinions the entire time.

They also give away merchandise when you donate a certain amount of money. Insufferable pineapple-headed nigger who is only able to communicate in forced memes. He watches nearly all of the runs in the marathon, and he is adored by all of the people watching the streams. His counter-attack to Caveman’s verbal raping was to bitch and moan about it and try to get sympathy because of his autism.


Chibi was permanently branded to SGDQ and was death-sentenced to be a socially awkward loser even by socially awkward loser standards for the rest of his life; apparently, he’d always been this way, by his own admission. And this clearly shows that SDA is very desperate of enhancing their site by abusing a run that they think is actually amazing. Stivitybobo, a Banjo-Kazooie speedrunner was at the centre of a shitstorm during SGDQ when it was confirmed that he and a few others got drunk and had sex with some beta speedrunner named Sam’s wife.

If they make one little mistake in their “speedrun”, they must reset. He speedruns Ecco the Dolphin on the Sega Genesis. While doing this non-sense, the 13 year old boys ask their parents to crack open their wallets and donate to those money-hungry asses.

There were quotes like:. Ending on a little bit of sad cringe in this clip, the announcer had just finished receiving some praise for her skills in donation reading when this happened. CavemanDCJ had no idea who Chibi was before this moment. The AGDQ and Stivifybobo marathons are an awesome get-together hosted by gadq speedrunning community — and the fact that it’s all done for a charitable, good cause means that pretty much everyone should support it.

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Also for the novelty of him being black. The majority of the speedruns are always filtered with qgdq glitches that bypass the actual game.

It happens every year, and you can bet that it’ll happen this year too. Oh, and don’t make fun when they fail at a certain part.