Oct 25, 3, Oct 28, 1, X Bomber Star Fleet — OK, cheating because it’s technically live action, but it’s a Go Nagai Super Robot show with puppets, model and suit fx and a banging soundtrack, why have you not seen this??? I’m a big fan of Baccano dub with it’s accents. Especially the UK version with the superior soundtrack. Spanish dub became my favorite out of the 3.

Is Trigun considered a good dub? Besides maybe CowboyBebop i can’t think of many. It’s mindblowing that there were several episodes that were being released dubbed almost day-and-date with the Japanese airing. It was good for it’s time. Mobile Suit Gundam It’s so good even separate dub teams cast to match it in other entries. The OG Dragon Ball dub is better but only in the sense that it’s just mediocre. This is without even comparing to the Japanese, nor getting into the quality of the shows themselves.

They even made fun of the gamergate crowd which made them mad.

Oct 26, 4, I just recently rewatched through it and it was late 90’s quality dubbing at best even though it was released nearly a decade out and well into the good-era of dubs. It turned something great into another US generic pew pew saturday morning cartoon show. For best laugh see Panzer Dragoon dub I did watch the sub many years back now and it felt weird, I guess it is about what you’re exposed to first because I would still choose the dub of that movie even now, though I’m a sub-only type of person.


I still piss myself laughing this day! Even if you prefer sub to dub, these dubs are well done.

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Oct 25, 7, Also jumping on this threads compulsory original-DBZ-dub-is-shit bandwagon. Cromartie High School is perfect dubbed. Good anime dubs in English?

Dec 31, Chicago. The GT dub is also a complete embarrasment.


It’s a shame you can’t get them anymore though. It’s basically a transformative work rather than even just a straight-up faithful localization. Just felt appropriate given the show’s style. Toradora – This is one I would describe as not easy to dub at all, but NIS nailed it contrary to most of their videogame efforts. It’s mindblowing that there were several episodes that were being released dubbed almost day-and-date with the Japanese airing.

SAC and 2nd Gig are really solid examples of dubs that just carry the quality level more or less even and therefore will probably be preferable to native English speakers. Deleted member User requested account closure Member. Nostalgia for the original dub is just that.

Cowboy Bebop’s is still the best, yeah. Also a biiiig fan of Steins;Gate with the dub however the Japanese is also pretty damn good too. Oct 27, 2, Kurama is pretty bad as well, though I think that’s more the fault of the voice director than the actor himself.


Oct 29, Oct 26, 2, Is Trigun considered a good dub? The rest is a “No” for me. Can’t actually find a source for this, now that I’m looking.

Hellsing Ultimate should only be experienced through dub. As has been said, GITS: Oct 30, 2, You must log in or register to reply here. Is the common thought still sub over dubs? The lack of accents in the Japanese version rob it of the charm the show should have I think. Oct 27, 1, Was thinking of Episod School with the gamergate line, although the above anime did still make fun of the misogynistic creeps. Atom Heart Mother said: Oct 27, 4, Mexicali, Mexico.

They gave every the characters the spoiled brat that “like oh my god like” voice to everyone. Gwte 25, 1, Taiga is voiced by the same woman who did Edea in Bravely Default. X Start date Sep 18, Oct fnglish, 8, Keiko and Yusuke’s mom in the first season are particularly bad.