This winder gives you four options for turn duration and three options for direction per watch. Best digital-touchscreen watch winder. Los Angeles, CA Watch: As I said earlier, you’ll find opinions on both sides of this issue. They are eminently programmable and are virtually silent. Find More Posts by rmfnla. Overall this is a beautiful piece the looks great on my nightstand and showcases my watches perfectly. This is important because not all watches require the same number of turns per day TPD , nor in the same direction clockwise, counterclockwise, or both.

Best wooden double watch winders. The case looks very classy and has a very nice leather feel to it. These settings are for both watch holders. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. I’m not sure if I can drop the online stores name so I am holding off for now. Guess what, that leaves room for more expansion, right? Find More Posts by phils.

They are silent and eminently programmable. I got a Wolf 1. And it looks good, too!

This unit handles them well. Fit and finish is really nice and this winder looks great for displaying watches as well. I have owned several other winders that were loud and annoying. There are a lot of different cheap watch winders, some that make a lot of noise after being quiet for the first few months, and some that can’t handle the weight of certain watches defeats the purpose of a watch winder.


Park City, UT Watch: You simply cannot go wrong. I suggest you check out MTE. Originally Posted by ExplorerChris Buy a cheap one and it won’t last a year Might as well go for something you won’t have to replace as often. Nov Real Name: Find More Posts by jjm Additionally, I have extremely sensitive hearing and when it rotates the watch there is absolutely no noise at all.

The 12 Best Watch Winders

Find More Posts by Speed. Orbita has an online outlet store Find More Posts by Ken B. They just don’t happen to want one. I like the vertical arrangement. Jun Real Name: I managed to buy my 3 position winders for less than my single at this store.

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The rsc official response was: Now is the only time you actually own the time, Place no faith in time, for the clock may soon be still for ever. I have starfiev Wolf winders, that I purchased over five years a go.

The adjustable rotations per day and the ability to set clockwise, anti-clockwise, or both is simply fantastic. So that should help. I think this is a well-made winder.

Just need a single. May Real Name: To many to count Posts: Unusually fine, handmade craftsmanship. This winder looks fantastic. The Versa is the lowest-priced winder that I could find on Amazon that had individual motors and winder controls for each watch. To me more cost efficient in the long run.


Oct Real Name: Originally Posted by Rockrolex. Aug Real Name: Unlike padi56, I believe in the value of winders. There are plenty of threads on this topic. Cheap Watch Winder Want to get your opinions on a cheap watch winder watcch is quality made if those two can be uttered in the same sentence.

Recommendations and expected costs. Check out also an Eilux watch winder they are not bad for the price. Brookstone is great bang for the buck. Find More Posts by Perrinyanna. Two of my automatics are heavy deep-diving watches.

The Best Watch Winders on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Find More Posts by ocabj. We build the watches with moving parts which some require lubrication oils.

Find More Posts by padi He has it on his dresser and puts his watches in it. Motors are very quiet.